This and that and Hour 25


I’m just getting recovered from my appearance at Industry Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies; a report is coming anon, but it was a great experience and I came away mightily impressed with what James Sturm and Michelle Ollie have created on the banks of the White River.

On the scene: The Center for Cartoon Studies


Tweet The Beat is going to be hung up for the next day or so with Industry Day here at the CEnter for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. We arrived late last night, missing out on the pizza party, but still charmed by this quirky town and the Hotel Coolidge. It was too […]

WonderCon, CCS, etc., etc.


• I regret to inform the dozens of people who were looking forward to my being there, that I won’t be at WonderCon after all. Some travel stuff and other factors made it unfeasible. I’m sad I won’t be seeing everyone, but not as sad that I won’t be complaining about the line at Starbucks every morning.

I’m going all Tumblr on ya


This is an announcement of vital import and historic significance!

Beverage review: This stuff is da bomb


If you’ve been following me on the internet for any length of time, you know I have always been obsessed with finding the perfect refreshing drink, whether it’s long gone Pepsi Blue, Code Red, Ca Phe Sua instant coffee, Starbuck’s much missed Tazo Berry Chai, Dunkin Donuts’ Mango Fruit Blast and so on. Well, here is a new one, the Bai5 line of antioxidant waters. I was describing my favorite flavor, Congo Pear, the other day and said “It’s got real pear juice and coffee fruit and white tea extract! It’s a water-based drink!” to which someone replied “So it’s pear-flavored coffee tea water?”

When the internet shuts down: UGO and Posterous


Although everything seems to be forever on the internet, it really isn’t. It’s oh so fragile, and the prime time of your life can be crossed out by one CEO’s pen swipe.

The Beat is safe!


Tweet Despite the malware warnings, The Beat has not been compromised. Thanks to everyone for all the emails and tweets! It’s all part of a false positive Google levied on adserver iSocket this morning. While big sites like TechCrunch and so on are now going on their merry way, until Google decides to turn our […]

Friday Cat Blogging: right at home


Tweet In an earlier post, I alluded to the trials of 2012, and the sorrow of losing my dear cat Inky at age (almost) 20. That was very difficult, and I will always miss her, but a good thing did come of it: Ben and I were fortunate enough to find two adorable, marvelous kittens, […]

Tell the Beat more about you!

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Okay let’s get down and dirty! As they used to say in AOL chat rooms, a/s check! Who are you???? We need to know.

If you want to keep reading The Beat, please read this post


Tweet Over the last day or so, I posted two polls on what you do and do not want to see, content-wise, here at The Beat. Many many thanks to the hundreds of you who voted and commented. It generally confirmed what I know the regular, devoted readers of the site like to see, and […]

Peter David update and thoughts on starting off the year — UPDATED


I don’t intend to give daily update updates on Peter David’s condition following his stroke, but his wife Kathleen has a blog post yesterday called simply How do you tell a 10 year old that her father might never be the same? and its a powerful, affecting piece of writing. Those who know Kathleen know she’s a talented writer and creator herself and following her blog will undoubtedly be the best way to follow Peter’s progress and to send along continued best wishes. The good news is that Peter is showing signs of recovering, and things are not as bad as they might have been. But it’s still a long hard road for them.

Tell the Beat what you do NOT want to see!


At the behest of retailer Brian Hibbs, here is a chance to sound off on what you LEAST WANT TO SEE here at The Beat, your daily news source for Instant Vietnamese Coffee. Vote for as many as you like!

As always if there is something you detest that isn’t listed here, use the comments to warn the world.

Tell The Beat what you want to see!


Hey….polls! As we’re an ever evolving construct here, Team Beat is standing by to give you more of what YOU want to see. Is it pictures of hunky Brit stars? Scathing industry analysis? Panels from Mort Meskin comics? YOU hold the key! You can vote in as many or as few (gulp) categories as you want. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Sound your horn in the comments!

2012: that was a year


2012 was a wacky year here at Stately Beat Manor and we look back at the good and the bad.

A very Merry Christmas from The Beat


Tweet   All the best to all Beat readers and their loved ones—let’s hope it’s a safe and peaceful one. Did you get some good toys for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

Remembering Wilco and Spain


Tweet Last night a bunch of folks gathered together to remember editor and comics community member Marc Wilkofsky, who died last month. There was a dinner at a diner and then a bunch of folks at a quiet lounge telling stories and laughing. The dinner was a bunch that hadn’t been in the same place […]