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Okay let’s get down and dirty! As they used to say in AOL chat rooms, a/s check! Who are you???? We need to know.

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Over the last day or so, I posted two polls on what you do and do not want to see, content-wise, here at The Beat. Many many thanks to the hundreds of you who voted and commented. It generally confirmed what I know the regular, devoted readers of the site like to see, and we […]

Peter David update and thoughts on starting off the year — UPDATED


I don’t intend to give daily update updates on Peter David’s condition following his stroke, but his wife Kathleen has a blog post yesterday called simply How do you tell a 10 year old that her father might never be the same? and its a powerful, affecting piece of writing. Those who know Kathleen know she’s a talented writer and creator herself and following her blog will undoubtedly be the best way to follow Peter’s progress and to send along continued best wishes. The good news is that Peter is showing signs of recovering, and things are not as bad as they might have been. But it’s still a long hard road for them.

Tell the Beat what you do NOT want to see!


At the behest of retailer Brian Hibbs, here is a chance to sound off on what you LEAST WANT TO SEE here at The Beat, your daily news source for Instant Vietnamese Coffee. Vote for as many as you like!

As always if there is something you detest that isn’t listed here, use the comments to warn the world.

Tell The Beat what you want to see!


Hey….polls! As we’re an ever evolving construct here, Team Beat is standing by to give you more of what YOU want to see. Is it pictures of hunky Brit stars? Scathing industry analysis? Panels from Mort Meskin comics? YOU hold the key! You can vote in as many or as few (gulp) categories as you want. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Sound your horn in the comments!

2012: that was a year


2012 was a wacky year here at Stately Beat Manor and we look back at the good and the bad.

A very Merry Christmas from The Beat


  All the best to all Beat readers and their loved ones—let’s hope it’s a safe and peaceful one. Did you get some good toys for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

Remembering Wilco and Spain


Last night a bunch of folks gathered together to remember editor and comics community member Marc Wilkofsky, who died last month. There was a dinner at a diner and then a bunch of folks at a quiet lounge telling stories and laughing. The dinner was a bunch that hadn’t been in the same place since […]

The Beat’s Person of the Day: Jimmy Aquino


The Beat’s Year-End Survey questions are out and Person of the Year polling has begun, but just to warm you up, we’d like to salute our PERSON OF THE DAY, Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino, who just celebrated his birthday. Sadly we couldn’t make the festivities, but we still wanted to salute a guy who […]

Cat Blogging Friday 12/7


They’re really not kittens any more—more young cats. But as you can see, Charlie and Lucy have settled in pretty well.

The state of the comics internet on September 4, 2003


If you’re a digital hoarder like The Beat you may wake up one day and realize you have some bookmark files that go back 10 years or more. And then you may poke around and you may find something like. Bradley’s Almanac – comic book links which was last updated more than nine years ago.

How to be powerless


Last Monday night, as Hurricane Sandy raged outside, we had just finished watching last night’s episode of The Walking Dead when there was a flash in the sky and the power went out. The vicarious glee of the Zombie Apocalypse—with its owl eating, gas hunting and lack of hot showers—was quickly replaced by living an actual lite version of it.

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow’s MTA Subway map


It isn’t hard to get into the Halloween spirit when you’re wandering through a post-apocalyptic world without power or Wi-Fi and running low on food. I’m torn between laughing at the tiny indignities of post-Sandy Manhattan—no lids for coffee even in the power zone!—and feeling sorrow over the vast, vast economic and human toll of […]

Monday Hurricane Cat Blogging: Catten down the hatches!


Lucy Mona Tinúviel and Charlie Victor Finrod have been doing their part for storm prep, building up morale among workers and rationing their kibble. With most of the East Coast shut down, all of the NYC-based comics businesses are closed for the day. Marvel’s daily call is taking place, however, so we’ll have coverage of […]

The Beat named one of the 25 Best Blogs by


I know I tweeted this yesterday, but for those who missed it, the newly revamped website ran a list of the Top 25 Blogs of 2012. and
The Beat was on the list!

RIP Peter McFarland

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I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the greatest visionaries of the last 50 years, and men and women who have shaped the course of our culture, but I say with complete honesty that the most amazingly creative person I ever met in my life was my uncle, Peter McFarland, who passed away […]