The Beat’s Person of the Day: Jimmy Aquino


Tweet The Beat’s Year-End Survey questions are out and Person of the Year polling has begun, but just to warm you up, we’d like to salute our PERSON OF THE DAY, Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino, who just celebrated his birthday. Sadly we couldn’t make the festivities, but we still wanted to salute a guy […]

Cat Blogging Friday 12/7


Tweet They’re really not kittens any more—more young cats. But as you can see, Charlie and Lucy have settled in pretty well.

The state of the comics internet on September 4, 2003


If you’re a digital hoarder like The Beat you may wake up one day and realize you have some bookmark files that go back 10 years or more. And then you may poke around and you may find something like. Bradley’s Almanac – comic book links which was last updated more than nine years ago.

How to be powerless


Last Monday night, as Hurricane Sandy raged outside, we had just finished watching last night’s episode of The Walking Dead when there was a flash in the sky and the power went out. The vicarious glee of the Zombie Apocalypse—with its owl eating, gas hunting and lack of hot showers—was quickly replaced by living an actual lite version of it.

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow’s MTA Subway map


Tweet It isn’t hard to get into the Halloween spirit when you’re wandering through a post-apocalyptic world without power or Wi-Fi and running low on food. I’m torn between laughing at the tiny indignities of post-Sandy Manhattan—no lids for coffee even in the power zone!—and feeling sorrow over the vast, vast economic and human toll […]

Monday Hurricane Cat Blogging: Catten down the hatches!


Tweet Lucy Mona Tinúviel and Charlie Victor Finrod have been doing their part for storm prep, building up morale among workers and rationing their kibble. With most of the East Coast shut down, all of the NYC-based comics businesses are closed for the day. Marvel’s daily call is taking place, however, so we’ll have coverage […]

The Beat named one of the 25 Best Blogs by


I know I tweeted this yesterday, but for those who missed it, the newly revamped website ran a list of the Top 25 Blogs of 2012. and
The Beat was on the list!

RIP Peter McFarland

12sided barnjpg

Tweet I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of the greatest visionaries of the last 50 years, and men and women who have shaped the course of our culture, but I say with complete honesty that the most amazingly creative person I ever met in my life was my uncle, Peter McFarland, who passed […]

Shel Dorf Award Nominees 2012


TweetThe nominees have been announced for the Shel Dorf Awards 2012. The awards nominate a lot of the usual incredibly talented suspects, with books like Daredevil, Batman and Walking Dead all receiving multiple nominations. The best news here, though, is that both Heidi MacDonald and Henry Barajas have been nominated for Comics Blogger of the […]

Today is Torsten Day at Stately Beat Manor!


TweetLast year, The Beatrix proclaimed October 10th “Torsten Day”, so I thought, “Why not make it an ongoing celebration?” 

NYCC 12: Where To Find The Beat


Tweet Short answer: splattered on a sidewalk. Longer answer: When not in an interview or meeting, my home base will be the Publishers Weekly booth, #3147. I’ll be there with beat alumna Kate Fitzsimons and the rest of the PW crew (But NOT Calvin Reid, who’s at the Frankfort Book Fair for a change). Please […]

Friday afternoon kitten blogging—with added shelf porn


Tweet Lucy Mona Tinúviel. Yes, she has one eye bigger than the other and it gives her the most adorable winking look. Charlie Victor Finrod, book loving rascal. Cats. Books. Internet. Huff it.

Looking at Cute Animals helps you do things!


Tweet An actual scientific study in Japan has shown that kawaii (“Cute”) is good for you brain! just looking at cute animals helps you focus, perhaps by activating some kind of protective behavior? In the first part of the experiment, 48 college students were asked to complete a game not unlike Milton Bradley’s “Operation.” Using […]

Friday Afternoon Kitten Blogging


TweetOh you knew it was going to happen. Gotta rebuild traffic somehow. Lucy and Charlie contemplate life in the bathtub. Not named after Peanuts, but we realized it after the fact.

Introducing The New Beat—and a request


A few people miss the all-in-one page layout—I think it’s possible to create a page that presents it all in this fashion and in the next round of tinkers I’ll look into that. … Of course we’ll be presenting as much top notch content, breaking news, thought provoking analysis and pictures of lovable kittens to earn these social media thumbs ups, but all of it will definitely help the site recover from the dark old days.

The Beat HAS moved!


Yay we made it to the other side.

And we have KITTENS.