Thanks, Obamacomics!

Gruber and Motter - Health Care Reform

A graphic novel has become Exhibit A in the latest Obamacare controversy.

NYCC ’14 panels you missed: Geeks of Color Go Pro

From L to R: Diana Pho, LeSean Thomas, Alice Meichi Li, Daniel Jose Older, I.W. Gregorio and Tracey J. John

by Edie Nugent The main stage spectacles of NYCC saw panels filled with celebrity actors and moderators alike, whipping thousands of screaming audience members into a frenzy. No less intense or enthusiastic, however, were the panels scheduled towards the end of the night in the smaller conference rooms at the Javits Center. Once such panel—Geeks […]

Broken legs, death threats and fatwas: the trials and tribulations of THE 99 


By Naif Al-Mutawa [Reprinted from The National. An Arabic version is located here. We first met. Naif Al-Mutawa several years ago, and followed the story of The 99 and Teshkeel Comics, as he attempted to offer modern, constructive role models for youth in the Arabic world. At a time when the world seemed to be in a hopeless […]

Conservative comics: if only we hadn’t gotten rid of the Comics Code


Last week I told you about The Forgotten Man, a graphic novel adaptation of Amity Shlaes’ history of the Great Depression by Chuck Dixon and Paul Rivoche. As Shlaes is a well known conservative pundit, she’s been using outlets like National Review and Pajames Media to call for the Right to use comics as effectively […]

“But where are the conservative mangas and graphic novels?”


A graphic novel is dropping this week called The Forgotten Man Graphic Edition: A New History of the Great Depression . It’s a 320 page history of The Great Depression, adapted from Amity Shlaes book, drawn by Paul Rivoche. Shlaes is a conservative historian and pundit, and to promote the book she has a piece […]

Top Shelf to donate MARCH BOOK ONE to every member of Congress.


Well, a digital copy anyway. MARCH BOOK ONE, the comics autobiography of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, has had a heck of a run since its August release and is now making another charge at the Year’s end Best Of lists. And to put a cherry on it, publisher Top Shelf has teamed with […]

Rick Geary announces crowdfunder for Obama conspiracy chapbook


Rick Geary’s first Kickstarter for The Elwell Enigma has just shipped—and I was just enjoying my digital comic bonus last night— but no rest for the wicked, so his Kickstarter manager Mark Rosenbohm has just announced a new one, and in a turn from murder, it’s a real doozy: A is for Antichrist: Obama’s Conspiracy […]

Preview: “The History of Nonviolence” from Occupy Comics #3


Occupy Comics #3, the final issue of the Kickstartered anthology, came out today, and to celebrate the release — as well as the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech—Black Mask Studio made a preview of “The History of Non-Violence” by Caleb Monroe and Theo Ellsworth available.

SDCC ’13 safety tip: stay away from San Diego’s creepy, sex-harassin’ mayor!


Even as Comic-Con descends on our hearts and minds each year, like a monstrous kaiju from the rift, sometimes real world concerns affect the locals. This year, it’s a doozy, as San Diego’s recently elected mayor Bob Filner has been charged with being an out of control sexual harasser. Although exactly what the 70-year-old Democrat […]

Webcomic Alert: Stop trashing the millennials by Matt Bors


Pocitical cartoonist Matt Bors is sooooo good, and his strip on the generation gap between boomers and millennials is the best thing I have read about it, and it helped me accept the fact that I am growing older and the universe is headed for heat death but not before people fuck things up way […]

President Clinton blurbs MARCH graphic novel


When you get a genuine American hero to write a graphic novel about his life, you get a lot of attention. Thus it is that MARCH: BOOK ONE, the story of the civil rights movement as seen through the life of Rep. John Lewis, has been the first graphic novel (it is believed) to get […]

Jailed Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee updates


As you may recall. last month Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee was arrested during a protest at Abdel Moneim Riyad Square in Cairo. El Shafee was freed after four days, but his arrest is a reminder of the difficulties with free speech and other basic civil liberties going on in Egypt right now.

Dallas Retailer Leads Way in Active Boycott of Orson Scott Card’s Superman Comic UPDATE – DC Release Statement

zeus comics

There’s been controvery over the past few days following DC’s decision to hire Orson Scott Card, a pioneer in contemporary homophobia, as one of the writers on a new digital-first Superman anthology series. And although the internet has been going back and forth on the subject for the past few days, the first active step […]

World War 3 Illustrated on Ed Koch


In the tradition of advocacy cartooning through the ages, the NY-based political comics anthology World War 3 reminds us that the late Ed Koch, former mayor of New York, wasn’t always a beloved avuncular figure. Contemporary cartoons from Eric Drooker, Steve Brodner and Tom Keough take on Kach’s handling of the homeless, affordable housing and police brutality.

John Stanley Alert: Election Day


From Little Lulu 39, 1950

Is World of Warcraft a Political Liability? Maine Republicans Think So.

Colleen's WoW character  (according to the attack site)

You might want to sit down for this one.  It seems that the Maine GOP is attacking a Democratic State Senate Candidate over her World of Warcraft character and playing habit.  Their tagline?  “Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.” Oh, yes.  This is a wild […]