Marvel offers free digital All New Marvel NOW! sampler


Tweet Marvel is really getting behind this all new Marvel NOW! business—you can download the preview issue free from the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Comics webstore.                                             The issue features a few samples of Avengers World #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer and Stefano Caselli All-New Invaders #1 by James Robinson and Steve […]

Hickman and Brevoort disagree over nature of “jumping on” point


Tweet In an interview at CBR, star scripter Jonathan Hickman and executive editor Tom Brevoort argued a bit over whether Avengers #24.NOW was really a good “jumping on point’ for new readers, as the “.NOW” issues have been billed: Jonathan Hickman: It’sa terrible jumping on point. I don’t think I’ve written an issue 20something of […]

Grand Comics Tour: 2013: Visiting Omaha’s Comics Shops on Black Friday!

Secret Origins 40

TweetOnce again, my nephew and I set out on Black Friday, in a quest to visit as many comics shops and related geeky retailers in the Greater Omaha Metro Area. (Here is the 2012 travelogue.)

Black Friday Comics: Sales! Sales! Sales!!


TweetToday is Black Friday, when America celebrates their foundations through the buying of heavily discounted goods. The Beat, being a comics blog, strongly endorses the existence of sales and things being affordable, and in the spirit of that: here’s a list of the various comic book sales being held today.

Great moments in comics marketing 2013


The other day I was prepping for a talk on marketing at an NYU publishing class, and reached out to the Twitosphere to ask what were “the notable comics marketing success stories over the last year” and the Twitosphere responded with a bunch of smart and savvy suggestions:

Facebook Demographics: Female Characters Beget Female Fans


Tweet Much has been made over this past week over Marvel‘s announcement about a new Ms. Marvel. The usual nutwings took to the internet to condemn Marvel’s plan to diversify its line of characters and present varied and new comics that might lead to new readers, or possibly more diversified readership. Hopefully, Marvel realizes that […]

Take the Devastator’s anonymous convention economy survey


Tweet With the circuit for both cons—traditional comic-cons—and CAFs—more indie styled comic arts festivals like TCAF and CAB—proliferating and becoming an increasingly important part of the comics economy, indie humor magazine The Devastator has taken it upon itself to attempt to create an infographic on how big a part of the economy these shows really […]

Facebook Demographics: The Walking Dead, Not All Media Are Created Equal

walking dead media

Tweetby Brett Schenker The Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon. The property regularly breaks records, whether it’s television ratings, print runs and sell-outs in comics, or winning accolades and awards when it comes to video games. There have been very few series that tap into the cultural zeitgeist and become regular water cooler conversation. With […]

Facebook Demographics: What do digital comic readers look like?


During New York Comic Con, comiXology released an infographic with some of the funnier details from their recent user survey. While the exact numbers and results weren’t released, some nuggets slipped out about who exactly their digital comic customer is.

How many comics shops are there? Diamond had 2,638 accounts in September 2013


TweetHow many comic shops are there in the US? In the late ’80s/early ’90s, numbers like 8,000 were thrown around, but the great Distribution Wars of the ’90s took that down to what many reported to be south of 2000. Since then, the numbers have slowly built up, and on Thurdasy morning, Diamond announced that […]

Facebook Demographics: How many women read graphic novels?


Tweet And speaking of reaching new audiences, Brett Schenker has been continuing his studies into Facebook’s comics demographics, and has some very interesting info. He’s just released his general demographic study for October and the results are a surprise: since last month 800,000 more people have expressed interest in one of the comics search terms […]

Dark Horse moves to Random House for book distribution


TweetHere’s a pretty huge story that kind of slipped below the radar yesterday: Dark Horse Book has shifted from Diamond to Random House for its bookstore distribution. Diamond will, of course, continue to distribute Dark Horse periodicals. That leaves Image and IDW the biggest bookstore accounts at Diamond—along with many smaller ones, including Archaia, Top […]

DeForge’s Kid Mafia to be reprinted by Secret Headquarters


Tweet Three-time 2013 Ignatz Winner Michael DeForge is a prolific cartoonist — very prolific. So if you’re wondering just which strip is Kid Mafia, it’s the one about skateboarding teens who are also Mafia kingpins who go around cutting deals and then cutting up bodies when things don’t go so good. It’s drawn in DeForge’s […]

More on the Facebook demographics that reveal a surprising number of female comics fans


Tweet By Brett Schenker Two years and some months ago, I posted the first study of what Facebook told us about comic book fans. 45 or so posts later on the subject, I’m still gathering data with various breakdowns of not just comic fans but other fandoms as well. At Small Press Expo, I talked […]

Mark Waid becomes a comics retailer


Tweet Over the holiday, Mark Waid announced that he is crossing the last frontier of comics prodom by becoming a partner in his local comics shop, Alter Ego Comics, which is located in Muncie, IN. The store was previously run by Jason Pierce, who will remain a co-owner with Waid and his partner, Christy Blanch. […]

Online graphic novel price war underway


ICv2 reports on’s price war with Amazon. Basically the online retailer is matching Amazon’s deep discounts on books—despite losing money on these discounts—in an effort to become more of an alternative to Amazon.