24 Hours of Halloween: Amanda Vähämäki


Besides having maybe the best name for a cartoonist ever, Finnish artist Amanda Vähämäki is one of those creators whose work alays has an edge of creepiness even when it isn’t overtly terror. She’s best known in North America for her work published by D&Q, including her debut, The Bun Field, but in Europe she’s […]

Best Relaunched Blog: Zainab Akhtar’s Comics & Cola


If, like The Beat, you have been mourning the absence of Zainab Akhtar’s byline around here, it’s because she’s relaunched her own blog, Comics&Cola, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Zainab has her eye on the graphic novel and indie publishing scene with some of the most exciting new stuff coming out. For instance, […]

The rest of the weekend in comics conventions: Cola-Con, Alamo City Comic Con, Dhaka Comicon


Even if you’re not at the Detroit Fanfare there is plenty to do around the world in comics this weekend!

Kryptonite, Cairo’s comics shop


As we’ve been noting more and more, comics are a global culture, and there’s even a comic shop in Cairo, Kryptonite located in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Here’s the description from the English language “Yelp” of the region.

Irish Comic News Awards nominees announced


Irish artist Will Sliney may be sad today about Fearless Defenders being cancelled, but on the plus side he’s a Hall of Fame nominee in the third annual Irish Comic News Awards. Selections were made via a secret seven-person panel; voting on the winners is open to the public and ends on November 1. Sliney […]

AMARILLO: New Blacksad book is coming and here’s the cover


Our own Zainab Ahktar has scoped out the arrival of a new Blacksad book. It’s called AMARILLO and it has obvious allusions to the great American Coming Of Age Ritual: driving across the country in an ace vehicle. Zainab gave a rough translation of the blurb:

The 2013 Joe Shuster Awards in audio


Jamie Coville was at it again and has provided us with audio and photos of this year’s ceremony, which was held at the Fan Expo in Toronto. Joe Shuster Awards 2013 (August 24) – 23 Photos Full 2013 Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony. (59:52, 54.8mb) Presented at the Ontario Art Museum – Jackson Hall, The awards […]

Snowpiercer to be Dumbed Down for American Audience


Snowpiercer opened in South Korea earlier this month to rave reviews and box-office breaking sales. But the 126 minute film, based on popular bande dessinée Le Transperceneige and starring Chris Evans, is to be cut by a whopping 20 minutes for the eventual English language release – removing the intelligence and leaving a simplified action film […]

Taipei Comic Exhibition draws more than 582,000 people


If you asked us what the world’ biggest comics show was, we’d say Comiket, which just wrapped up in Tokyo the other day, and drew a record 590,000 fans of doujinsji over three days. But according to the Taipei Times, the Taipei Comic Exhibition may be making a run for the top, drawing 582,000 people […]

Spokesman who led the Danish Muhammad cartoons protests: “Oops, my bad”


One of the leaders of the protest movement against a Dutch newspaper publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad—protests which killed scores f people and engulfed the entire Islamic world in violence and protest—now says he was wrong. Ahmad Akkari, now 35, says he was way offbase when he led the protests.

Urasawa, Schuiten and Peeters rappin’ about comics


Ah to have been in the room for this! At the recent International Manga Fest in Tokyo, manga superstar Naoki Urasawa (Monster), and the Euro-comics masters Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten (Cities of the Fantastic) appeared at a talk together , and here’s a translation of a Japanese report on the event. It turns out […]

Must read: India’s Leaping Windows—an emerging comics market’s first comics cafe


I often run links about India’s comics market while still wondering just how emerging it is, but Ryan Holmberg’s great profile of Leaping Windows Comics Cafe outside Mumbai explains a lot about both how the “suburbs” work and how India’s middle class is still finding disposable income for things like comics. I begin with this […]

British Comics Awards panel makes every other comics awards judging panel look like total weak sauce


The British Comics Awards were held for the first time last year, and this year a steering committee has put together perhaps the first comic book awards judging panel with groupies: Gareth David (lyricist and singer in the band Los Campesinos!), Lenny Henry (actor, writer and comedian), Stephen L Holland (co-owner and manager of Page […]

Snowpiercer: The First Trailer is Here!

Chris Evans

We’re still waiting on that illusive release date, but the trailer for Captain America in Winter fighting Soldiers is here! I kid, I kid. It is in fact for Evans’ other film that I’ve called the most overlooked comics adaptation of the year… Snowpiercer.

Tiny Pencil: the forest is lovely; dark and deep


Tiny Pencil Edited by Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman Tiny Pencil is a brand new, all-graphite, comic and art anthology edited, produced and bought to life by artists and creators, Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman. It is also, quite simply, one of the most exquisite publications you will see this year. 

2013 Joe Shuster Award nominees announced


More Canadian cartooning awards? Yes indeed. The ninth annual Joe Shuster Awards, honoring Canadian comics in multiple categories, have just been announced and it goes from Yannick Paquette to Michael DeForge and back again. Nominees were selected this spring from lists of creators of original works published and distributed during the previous year in English […]