The Wedding of Kevin Keller covers LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16


In January Kevin Keller, Riverdale’s popular gay teen, is getting married, and Here’s the cover to LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 which leads in to Kevin’s monthly series. According to the pr, “Since arriving on the scene last year, Kevin has enjoyed a meteoric rise to becoming one of Riverdale’s most popular teens, graduating from guest-star to mini-series to his upcoming starring title in the span of just over a year. Not only is he a hit in comic sales, he’s fitting right in with the gang at Riverdale High having been elected class president plus representing his new school in a TV Game Show “Witmasters” and winning!”

You might want to ponder this for a minute — a humorous soap opera comics that has stood in for American normality for over 75 years introduced a gay character who is now popular enough to get his own series. And get married in it. America, you are okay after all.

Victor Gorelick: The Last Man Standing of Comics


When Marvel’s Ralph Macchio retired the other day, we made the claim that he was the last editor from the pre-direct sales market working in the business. A few people wrote in to correct us, however.

There is one editor who has been around even longer, and is still going strong, Archie’s own editor in chief, Victor Gorelick (pronounced Gor-EL-ick). Now 70, Gorelick has worked at Archie for 50 years in various roles. It’s certainly an astonishing career that has seen incredible changes.

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Superman, Batman, Archie, William Shatner, Joss Whedon, and Other Sexy Topics


Well, another Comic-Con is drawing to a close, with the traditional annual Buffy sing-along, this time in Hall H. (Perhaps they could also add a “Mayhem of the Music Meister!” event as well?)

So, here’s some more interesting tidbits from Comic-Con…

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Sex, Rock’n’Roll, and Even Crazier Stuff!


Well, the second full day of Comic-Con is coming to an end, and there’s been lots of amazing stuff announced! I’ve diligently sat deep in Stately Beat Manor, watching the news feeds, so you don’t have to! Read on!

SDCC Preview Night at a glance


It’s Preview Night and the ICv2 Conference at San Diego Comic-Con, and while the big announcements are still being held back for the convention proper, news has begun to come out of San Diego in a trickle that will soon become a torrent.

TMZ: Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit liked to yell out words for genitalia


Oi. Think Archie Comics is a place where no one ever says a bad word? Think again.

As revealed by TMZ, Archie Comics has filed papers alleging that co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit has been harassing employees and should not represent the company at San Diego Comic-Con:

Archie’s Jon Goldwater on moving forward


Archie’s dynamic publisher Jon Goldwater gets the Comics Reporter interview treatment and his comments on the many changes he’s made since the venerable comics publisher had a big management change might be viewed as emblematic of much going on these days:

Coming Attractions: April 2011


Wow! Lots of great books coming out this month!

Sneak peek: Jughead moves in with Archie and chaos ensues


Archie Comics has been making tons of news of late, in case you haven’t noticed. In addition to all the digital initiatives they’ve recently announced, they’re also repurposing the famed Archie Marries storyline by making all the original issues available as digital comics.

Jill Thompson's Jughead and Betty


Hm, is the multi-talented Thompson working on something Archie Style? After tweeting this art, she tweeted the following:

The Book Report: Bargain Bin: DVD-ROMs


A minor market segment, these box sets offer what most fans are clamoring for: ownership of the actual file instead of an app, affordable comics (even at $50, the per-comic cost is usually below twenty-five cents), and extras which turns these collections into electronic omnibuses.

However, due to sticker shock, and the experience of reading these comics on a horizontal screen, many fans have been reluctant to purchase these collections. Which means that now, as the digital marketplace transitions to apps and browser-based readers, these older CD- and DVD-ROM collections are being sold at clearance prices.

So, dear readers, in these challenging economic times, we offer you this bargain bin listing of select titles found on We make no money from directing you to these forgotten gems, and, as with anything on the web, caveat lector et emptor.

Archie drops the Comics Code…Wertham dead forever


After yesterday’s news that DC Comics was dropping the Comics Code, leaving Archie the last surviving member of the Comics Code Authority…comes word that Archie has also dropped the Code, starting with books on sale in February. The move will have no effect on content: But Pellerito said Archie’s decision has nothing to do with […]

Publishing news: Archie's first OGN to take advantage of deal with Random House


Archie is going to publish its first OGN — and its in the foolproof “Archie Babies” format. Mike Kunkel (Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam) writes and Art Mawhinney does the art. The project was previously announced as a regular comics series but the new format allows them take advantage of Archie’s new distribution deal with Random House, says co-CEO Jon Goldwater:

Archie goes day and date with digital comics


Long-running comics publisher Archie is taking the plunge to become the first comics publisher to put its entire line for sale in print and digital at the same time, it’s been announced on their blog. DC announced day and date with BATMAN BEYOND last week, but this is the first time a publisher has made the whole line available. The policy goes into effect on April 1, and will include KEVIN KELLER #1, starring the popular gay character.

People on the move: Alex Segura Jr.


A good publicist makes a lot of friends, but it’s safe to say that few comics publicists have as many friends as Alex Segura Jr. Last week Segura announced he was leaving DC Comics after four years as Publicity Manager, during which time he oversaw getting the word out about some crises, final and otherwise, and even some blackest nights. On Monday he announced his new position as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing at Archie Comics, another comics institution which is going through many transitions following the deaths of its long time executive team, and new leadership under co-CEO Jon Goldwater. It seemed like a good time to ask Segura to look back and forward — when we first met him, we were just starting a daily comics news site and he was a comics-loving copy editor for the Miami Herald. So much has changed with comics, marketing and Archie in that time, and Segura has been at ground zero for much of it, so who better to give us some insights on where things are going:

Segura moves to Archie


On Friday, Alex Segura announced he was leaving DC Comics as Publicity Manager, and strongly hinted he’d be staying in comics. Today, it’s been announced that he’ll be joining Archie Comics as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing. Segura previously freelanced as a Publicity Coordinator for Archie prior to working at Wizard and DC. Archie has recently revitalized their publishing program under the leadership of co-CEO Jon Goldwater, with news grabbing events such as showing Archie’s marriage, and adding an openly gay character to Riverdale’s cast of characters. They’ve also updated their product list with such things as an Archie Magazine and digital comics.