To Do tonight Seattle: Boom’s ECCC Drink Up


It’s party time tonight. And people will be drinking up, we’d imagine.

First look: Steed and Mrs Peel #9


Boom! passed along the cover of STEED AND MRS PEEL #9 for your perusal. It’s by Joe Corroney . Inside Caleb Monroe and Yasmin Liang pen a story that finds Steed and Peel in terrible danger from a bad guy named John Cartney—and there seems to be some kind of karate involved as well. The book goes on sale in May.

Mike Carey Writing New Series for Boom!


Hey, have you ever wondered if a British writer was going to write a new series for Boom? But have you been unable to find out because everywhere you go is being obtuse?  Don’t worry! Because The Beat’s own Laura Sneddon interviewed Mike Carey for The New Statesman, like, a week ago, and he revealed that […]

Boom launches THE REGULAR SHOW


Close on the heel of the Adventure Time comic empire, Boom is striking again with a comics adaptation of The Regular Show, J.G. Quintel’s Cartoon Network hit about Mordecai and Rigby, a blue jay and raccoon trying to make their way in a crazy world. K.C. Green writes and Alison Strejlau draws.

Corsetto and Sterling craft original Adventure Time graphic novel


Adventure Time comics have been a huge hit for Boom Studios, with variant covers by a who’s who of indie ad animation stars as eagerly sought after as the latest Alex Roos variant. And the franchise has shown enough legs to warrant a stand alone original graphic novel by Danielle Corsetto and Zack Sterling. The cover is by Stephanie Gonzaga.

The Beat Comic Reviews for 12/12/12: Batman Vs Vampires


Hey! It’s one of those dates where American readers can’t shout at me for getting the day and month the ‘wrong’ way round! Hurrah! That’s a relief. This week was Dennis Hopeless Week, with the writer bringing two new Marvel launches to the world. I’ll be reviewing one of them – the controversy-bathing Avengers Arena – […]



Boom continues to have success with its comics for younger readers with Adventure Time, Peanuts and Ice Age. Based on the ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT! film, a new volume in the 8″ x 8 format is coming out in March, ICE AGE: THE HIDDEN TREASURE by Caleb Monroe and Andy Hirsch. Here’s a peak at […]

Studio Coffee Run: Mo’ Hobbits, Mo’ problems, Elysium, Kickass 2, Spiderman 2, etc.

Matt Damon in Elysium (Image via

Here is a new pic of a very armed and very bald Matt Damon in a teaser image from Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium. The film is set for release in August, 2013 (via Mo’ Hobbits, mo’ problems. Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers are being plagued by a perfect sh*tstorm of bad press mere weeks before […]

On the Scene: NYCC 2012 Day Two: Scott Allie Tells It Like It Is


By Hannah Means-Shannon Well, firstly, Friday was the new Saturday this year at NYCC. What that makes Saturday is yet to be seen. Though both Friday and Saturday passes sold out ahead of time, the energy and sense of a full house closely matched Saturday’s peak in attendance last year. The numbers were clearly reflected […]

Diamond retailer breakfast: Dynamite, BOOM!, and Valiant all joining the FOC program


At the Diamond Retailer appreciation breakfast this morning, after being forced to surrender phones and become sequestered behind a blast shield door, attendees were treated to some new footage from IRON MAN 3 which included the scene of Tony Stark getting his suit on to the strains of the Run DMC classic “Christmas in Hollis” […]

Dandelion Seeds: The Return of Halloween Comics!


___________________________________________________________________________ A few months ago, I brainstormed about how Halloween mini-comics being offered by Diamond could be used in a variety of ways to promote comics and have some fun!   (Read that again… there are event suggestions and a timeline there, which I’ve paralleled below, but did not exactly duplicate.) During C2E2, Diamond announced that […]

Adventure Time overwhelms SDCC '12 with cuteness


Check out Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward signing comics for the kiddies at San Diego Comic Con

SDCC 2012: Bravest Warriors from KaBoom!


KaBoom, the All-Ages section of Boom! Studios, have announced a new comic tie-in to a Pendleton Ward series, in the form of a six-issue “Bravest Warriors” miniseries.

SDCC12: Boom! Studios: Booth #2743


Boom! Studios announces all their awesome stuff, including a very public party on Thursday evening!

Sablik joins BOOM! as VP of Publishing and Marketing


We told you a little while ago that Filip Sablik had left Top Cow, and now it’s revealed that he’s joined BOOM! Studios as VP of Publishing and Marketing. CBR does his intro interview:

A Political Thriller With Gorillas and Chimps: Reviewing BOOM!'s Planet of the Apes Revival


A month or so ago, I’d pulled Dracula: A Company of Monsters out of the library and found myself pleasantly surprised by it. Somebody in the comment section mentioned Daryl Gregory, co-writer on the Dracula book, was doing Planet of the Apes and it was worth checking out. Sure enough, the library had that, too. Daryl Gregory may be one to watch, because his Planet of the Apes is better than his Dracula, and he’s two-for-two.