Sales Analysis: October 2013 the biggest month in 16 years


Tweetby John Jackson Miller [Reprinted with permission from Comichron] The comics industry’s momentum showed few signs of dissipating in October, as Direct Market shops in North America ordered more than $50 million worth of comic books and graphic novels for the first time in the 16 years that Diamond Comic Distributors has been the exclusive sales agent […]

Indie year ends with the Locust Moon Comics Festival in Philadelphia


Tweet The indie comics circuit is squeezing ONE LAST SHOW in just before the holidays: On December 16th the Locust Moon Comics Festival will host a diverse group of guests from various ends of the comics industry, but mostly from the vibrant Philadelphia scene. The sponsor, Locust Comics is incredibly active in putting on events […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales October 2012


Tweet By Paul Mellerick The usual suspects of Walking Dead (returning to the top ten), Buffy, Adventure Time and Fatale are joined by two new Image books, Happy & Bedlam, and a relaunched Dr Who, along with the Who/ Trek crossover. Overall the indie books this month are a bit more stable than last month, […]

News and Notes: George Wunder, Judd Apatow


Tweet • Hermes Press is going to publish an archival reprint of George Wunder’s Terry and the Pirates. Although not as good or well-known as Milton Caniff, Wunder drew the strip for 27 years or so after creator Caniff’s departure to draw Steve Canyon, so there is a lot to reprint. Personally, I found something […]

Shopping list: Diamond to start carrying Tezuka merch


Tweet Diamond has announced that they have signed an agreement to distribute merchandise from Tezuka Productions — which means you can now get your Astro Boy, Jungle Emperor Leo and other vinyl, resin and apparel items. “Tezuka Osamu often said that manga and animation were just like the international auxiliary language of Esperanto, which increases […]

Shopping Guide: Julia Wertz on Etsy


Tweet Cartoonist Julia Wertz (Fart Party, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories) has just launched Julia’s Junk Shop on Etsy, and if you are looking for gifts for that certain someone, you might find something here. besides Wertz’s own very funny books, there is jewelry made of Peanuts, earrings made of sea glass, and many […]