On the Scene: The Future of Television Conference Goes Digital


Tweet On November 16th, a one day conference held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage brought out the best and brightest in Television to talk about the future, and that meant digital media. TiVo, YouTube, Netflix, and Social Media were all on the table, or more specifically, giant screens complete with a social media feed […]

Cartoonist Colin Upton and musician John Lee team for “Remembrance”


Tweet Well here’s a new kind of “motion comic” called “Remembrance”…a YouTube video of a collaboration between cartoonist Colin Upton (Diabetes Funnies) and musician John Lee that includes Upton narrating a his mini comic “Self-Indulgent Comics #33″ while Lee supplies an elegant soundtrack. Upton is something of a comic legend in his native Canada, where […]

SPX: The Videos


Tweet The SPX youtube channel is posting tons of “talk show” type interviews with everyone from Lamar Abrams to Jeff and Adam Zwirek, but most folks will be the most excited about the above chats with Daniel Clowes and Jaime Hernandez. We’ll update the page as more go up. Via TCJ

Trailer watch 2: Harris and Morazzo's GREAT PACIFIC


A few days ago CBR rolled out the exclusive revealof the trailer for GREAT PACIFIC, an Image series comics out in November that deals with the (real) great garbage pile floating in the Pacific and ecological issues.

To be blunt, we like this trailer better than many we’ve seen, and the main reason is the great score. According to Harris, he got one of his old pals from film school to actually write the music. And wow…that makes a difference.

SDCC12: EXTRA! MTV To Live Stream Comic-Con Outside of the US!


MTV is streaming live video interviews from Comic-Con!

SDCC 12: the Course of the Force is revving up with Ewoks


While the mental journey to Comic-Con 2012 started on the very last day of Comic-Con 2011 for some of us, an actual physical journey is kicking off this weekend: The Course of the Force, an Olympic-style charity relay run from the Santa Monica Pier to the gates of Comic-Con — with a Lightsaber as the torch — begins its real-life epic journey this Saturday.

To kick off the kick-off, a new short film featuring Nerdist Chris Hardwick shows the origins of the journey— and reveals that the ILM lot is inhabited by real Ewoks, Boba Fett tools around in a van and one particular comics superstar likes to see people on their knees singing “Yub nub.”

Comic Book People: THE VARIANTS web series shows comics shops in a different light


We’ve all had some fun picking apart COMIC BOOK MEN, the kinda incredible show that purports to show life in a comic book store; along the way a few people have suggested checking out THE VARIANTS, a web series produced by Zeus Comics in Dallas. When we say “produced” we mean it’s set in the store, and is written by and stars the people who run the store. We’re not huge YouTube viewers, so we always put off checking it out . But finally having a few moments to check out a couple of episodes, we can now say that while fictional (we hope) it is definitely much more accurate than COMIC BOOK MEN. In fact it’s pretty damned funny.

Cartoon alert: Primus's new "Lee Van Cleef" video


If there were a contest to see how many cool things you could squeeze into one element, this animated video featuring Primus, Lee Van Cleef and zombies, all animated by Greenpoints The Mixtape Club, would be hard to beat. All that it needs is appearances by Bruce Campbell and CM Punk to make it complete.

Video: Time lapse of Free Comic Book Day at Star Clipper


This is a fun video that shows all kinds of people lining up in the first 20 minutes of FCBD at St Louis’s Star Clipper.

Video: Matt Bors


Cartoonist Matt Bors sent along this video of his acceptance speech for the Herblock Award, which gets into some truths about the cartoonist’s life along the way.

Scott Ian, the Nerdist, and Fangoria will show you how to look horrible


For those who want to go all the way on looking ghastly, a newly announced show on The Nerdist YouTube channel should provide all the fashion tips you need. BLOOD AND GUTS will star Anthrax founder and horror expert Scott Ian on a gruesome journey as he learns the secrets of special FX makeup from masters such as Greg (The Walking Dead) Nicotero. The show is a joint venture between Nerdist and Fangoria, the venerable horror magazine.

Eye Opening Session: John Carpenter's The Thing with Cats in Clay


Exactly what it sounds like. But so much better than you could possibly imagine.

WonderCon Kibbles: Nerdist meets Muppets, Adventure Time, Super Best Friends Forever, etc., etc.


Videos, links and previews from the nerdly/toonly side of WonderCon.

Video alert: Sh*t Gary Panter says


Not really, but here’s a video of the great comics creator, artist and designer Gary Panter‘s recent illustrated Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) talk on his life and art.

Undead Chris Hardwick announces The Nerdist Channel for YouTube


You know how everyone is talking about those new streaming channels on YouTube and elsewhere? Narrowcasting meets broadband. It’s all the rage. So are zombies. Thus a zombie Chris Hardwick (via Walking Dead makeup master Greg Nicotero) has announced the Nerdist Channel on YouTube which will feature news on comics, gaming and other nerd-friendly content. So far, you can expect Neil Patrick Harris, Rob Zombie, The Kids in the Hall, and the blog Awkward Family Photos as part of the programming mix.

Watch: 1987 MASTERS OF COMIC BOOK ART documentary now online


The entire 1987 documentary MASTERS OF COMIC BOOK ART is now on YouTube with Harlan Ellison interviewing Eisner, Kurtzman, Kirby, Ditko (!), Neal Adams, Wrightson, Moebius, Frank Miller, Sim and Spiegelman. It’s a little kludgy and old hairdos always are embarrassing but, whoa, Kirby and Ditko!