Charles Burns is awesome

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Burns 53WB Charles Burns is awesome
Check out this gallery of amazing Charles Burns art previewing an upcoming show at the Adam Baumgold Gallery.


  1. I truly believe Black Hole is one of the most under-appreciated graphic novels out there. It should be on everyone’s bookshelf with Watchmen and Maus.

  2. jimmy palmiotti says:

    beautiful selection of fantastic work.

  3. jimmy palmiotti says:

    beautiful selection of fantastic work.

  4. Totally awesome for so many reasons.

  5. I’ve got to echo Rakarich, truly awesome work

  6. Distubingly beautiful. Burns definitely evokes a darkly quiet mood in his work.


  1. [...] This one looks pleasantly deranged and upsetting. “Fear(s) of the Dark” is a collection of short horror films, animated by some of the world’s leading graphic artists, including Charles Burns (writer/illustrator of the already immortal “Black Hole”). [...]

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