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xedout1 Charles Burns' X'ed OUT
One of the hottest promos at MoCCA was the Pantheon flyer for this fall’s new Charles Burns GN, X’ed OUT, and we’ve sneakily scanned it in to give you a sneak peak.

The cover is a direct homage to this famed Tintin tale:

635 1 Charles Burns' X'ed OUT

A theme echoed in the interior. (Click for larger version.)

xeduot2 tm Charles Burns' X'ed OUT

X’ed OUT comes out on October 19th and weighs in at 56 pages. Anything by comics master Burns is a big event and this should be no exception.


  1. I hope the book is in color also, not just the poster. Burns is fab, and this new one sounds great.

  2. Phil Hester says:

    I’ll but this twice!

  3. Phil Hester says:

    err… “buy”.

  4. Lots of good stuff from Pantheon!
    Body World
    Rough Justice

    Quality, not quantity, but worth the wait!

  5. The woman at the Pantheon table said that the entire book will be in full color.

  6. Wow. Purty.

  7. I hope the Pantheon people have good lawyers because the Hergé people are litigious bastards. And not in a good sense

  8. pmpknface says:

    FANTASTIC! Only 56 pages, but it’ll be worth it!

  9. Pantheon doing a 56pp book is the big surprise for me… unless it’s a “board book” like NO TOWERS!

  10. it’s not the first time Burns has quoted this Tin-Tin cover. his B/W monograph from a few years ago has an amazing cover that sort of echoed the same image

  11. trace says:

    This guy needs to strip down his style – it is stiff..The key to a great drawings is making it look easy. He has potential, but needs to reach for better style. Simpler. Make it look easy Burns..You can do it..

  12. Jean-Pierre says:

    There more than one way to make a good drawing, Burns style is almost akin to woodcuts which is how a lot of the first picture text images were made, Durer never bothered to make things look easy don’t get me wrong I love Basquiat but a tight line offers different things

  13. Never heard anybody say they havae a problem with Burns style before. Stripped down? At least you didn’t have a problem with anatomy or some other trivial bs. Your loss fer’ sure.

  14. Yowza!
    El Borbah meets Tintin.
    What a treat.

  15. DCLXVI says:

    Does anyone know when the next installment of this series (‘The Hive’) will be out ?

  16. Stella says:

    How agonising. Finally, after a long wait, a new Charles Burns book, but printed in China.
    Specialist publications of this kind that require artful printing and binding are usually produced in countries like Italy, Spain or America but to save a few lousy bucks Burns and/or his publisher have opted for a dictatorship where workers are exploited and underpaid. And this is one of the world’s biggest comic book artists who surely wields some muscle in such matters.
    I’m a huge fan of Burns’ work and would happily have paid extra – and bet I’m not the only one.
    I won’t be buying this Chinese edition and cling to the faint hope that X’ed Out might be reprinted elsewhere.


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