Chubby comic set to play Green Hornet

virgin1 Chubby comic set to play Green HornetJudd Apatow repertory player Seth Rogen will take a break from getting KNOCKED UP to write and star in The Green Hornet, various entertainment sources are reporting. . Commentators who are as wise as they are prescient are predicting that the resulting film may have a comedic tinge, as opposed to portraying the drama inherent in the life of a man who dresses as a hornet and runs around with a Chinese sidekick. The Green Hornet has long languished in Hollywood with various approaches bombing out.

Rogen is just the newest player in a large and varied cast of characters who have tried to bring Green Hornet to the big screen. A Green Hornet film was previously announced at Universal with Ron Underwood directing. Three years ago Miramax entered a deal with Kevin Smith to adapt and direct a Green Hornet film. Actors as wide ranging as George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Wahlberg have been rumored to be in talks to play Reid over the years. And at one point or another Jason Scott Lee and Jet Li have been rumored to play Kato.


  1. Oh, I really think this is a good idea, because if Sin City taught us anything, it’s that a well shot, well written pulp/noir/what have you movie just isn’t successful unless it features a flavor of the month comedian.

    /sarcasm off.

    But really – does no one in Hollywood remember the Will Smith Wild Wild West?

  2. On the face of it…. I don’t like it.

    But I’ll hold my real opinion until I see / read more news / production footage.

  3. When will they learn that the Green Hornet is not a super hero? He has no superpowers and does not wear tights! And the character is not to be played in a comedic vein.
    Some how Hollywood keeps trying to make this harder than it is. Think James Bond with a mask and a partner. Not RUSH HOUR!

    At least the French go it right in this short film:

  4. ” … as opposed to portraying the drama inherent in the life of a man who dresses as a hornet and runs around with a Chinese sidekick.”

    Sarcasm aside, he doesn’t dress as a hornet. Britt Reid’s disguise was pretty subdued. Topcoat, fedora, mask. And there was drama. Why the comedic tinge, when the general public seems more accepting of straight hero dramas?

    Alas, a film like this will probably have an MTV feel. GREEN HORNET should be more RKO.

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