Colorful Nancy

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Nancy, the comic strip beloved of ontologists every where, will be appearing in color starting Monday, E&P reports. The strip is currently drawn by Guy Gilchrist.

In the first color strip, Nancy will start a new activity — karate. “I’m into the martial arts myself, and have seen how empowering it is to girls, boys, men, and women,” said Gilchrist. “Thankfully, it can also be pretty funny!”

Is this change to the eternal Nancy just a fun and progressive upgrade, a nod to emerging technologies or the first sign of the apocalypse? Find out on Monday.


  1. Just never change the hair-do! Now THAT would be a sign of the apocalypse!

  2. Now 5-Card Nancy the drinking game will be more colorful than ever!

  3. I’m assuming the hairdo is why Nancy is impaled on the tree in the strip above.

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