200909020024 Credo

I am never, ever taking a staycation again.

PS: Thanks to my mom, Suzanna Lasker, for the emergency graphic on Monday. When you don’t have an art department, you learn to adapt.


  1. Actually, Beatrix, if your staycations cause such events (Disvel, Tokyopopped, ADiVision…) then I’m sure the industry bigboys can find some petty funds to send you to a nice hotel in the Catskills.

  2. John Tebbel says:

    Staycation, Spam, Postum, Saccharine, Gatorade, Wooden Nickels, Street Hot Dogs, Compassionate Conservatism. We’re all doin’ what we can. Prosperity is just around the corner.

  3. Nate Horn says:

    It’s very sweet to hear your mom helped you out!


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