Damn, we

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414 Damn, we


  1. That’s how my phone got stolen. She’s very mistaken if she thinks that broom is going to any good.

  2. Dave Hudson says:

    Yeah, those siberian tigers can be a nuisance, always hogging the phone.

  3. Tsvet says:

    The poster says:

    In the upper corner “A comedy film”
    The large red letter words say: “Tiger Tamer.” The nuance of the Russian
    title is that it refers to the woman with the broom as the tiger tamer. A
    more direct translation would be “The Tiger Tameress.”

  4. Sarah says:

    A Soviet version of “Bringing Up Baby”?

  5. So that’s where Exxon got their “Put a Tiger in your tank” idea! The Stalin estate should sue for back-royalties.

  6. Brian Spence says:

    Looks like a similar style to the guy who does those amazing Fables covers. Damn, can’t remember the name…

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