DC's new Talent page

francis manapul 01 576 DC's new Talent page
No, not a page for new talent. A new PAGE for Talent. In fact we noticed there was this very page URL with no content a while ago, but now it’s a nice index page with names and links and stuff. The individual creator pages have covers, bios, and sometimes photos. Not all are completely filled out, but it’s a great start for the resource.

Above, Hoppin’ Francis Manapul


  1. I suspect there’s a lot more work to do on this. I just had a look at my page and there are lots of coloring credits on it; not correct, though a few are books I lettered. The lettering credits are a small fraction of what I’ve done in the time frame they seem to be including so far, unless this is not meant to include anything Vertigo, in which case it’s just a fraction, not a small fraction. I do appreciate the effort, all the same, any publicity is welcome.

  2. Looking forward to his imminent falling out with DC and twitter rant.

  3. Tony Bedard says:

    A beautifully hand-lettered Twitter rant.

  4. Torsten Adair says:

    It doesn’t look like Vertigo is included, as Colleen Doran’s bibliography does not list her work with Sandman, Orbiter, or Gone to Amerikay.

    Curiously, it does list her Paradox Press work, which would seem to now fall under Vertigo.

  5. >Sigh< A good idea, but they have SEVEN artists whose last name is Lopez, and not one of them is Jose Luis Garcia! This is a stunning oversight, considering how much work this man has done for DC over the years.

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