Drive's Refn to remake Barbarella for French TV

201206201253 Drive's Refn to remake Barbarella for French TV

It’s not exactly a classic comic in that it ponders the meaning of life and death….but Jean Claude Forest’s BARBARELLA is still one of those iconic Franco-Belgian titles that brings a smile to the face. If the Mad Men-era politics of the original strip won’t do it, young Jane Fonda as the original movie version is guaranteed to do the same.

201206201256 Drive's Refn to remake Barbarella for French TV

And you can’t keep a good space explorer down as this incredibly vague story reveals, DRIVE’s Nicolas Winding Refn is going to “bring” Barbarella to TV…whether for a series in France or internationally isn’t spelled out. Nor is “bring” explained…directing, producing? Who knows. It says he’ll “helm” the series but…isn’t that a lot of work for a guy who has two other movies to direct?

“I’m excited for the opportunity to re-invent ‘Barbarella’ with my friends at Gaumont and Martha DeLaurentiis,” said Refn. “And I look forward to bringing this unique character to life for a new generation of fans as I believe she is one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters.”

Anyway Refn = good. Barbarella = good.

Julien Forest and Jean-Marc Lofficier will co-exec produce. We have Lofficier on speed email so perhaps he’ll explain more.


  1. LOL yes! Never read the comic, but love the cheesetastic film!

  2. DeLaurentiis is the magic word in Refn’s quote.

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