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200608181222 ELEPHANTMEN sells outWe don’t normally run a lot of sell-out PR, but this one is notable in that it’s a book from Image. 16,000 isn’t a civil war type number, but it’s quite healthy for a book in the Indie range and it’s nice to see a quality project like this find an audience.

Active Images announces that its new baby, ELEPHANTMEN, has done just what Doctor Nikken, the mastermind behind the Unhumans’ creation, hoped: they’ve been released en masse on an unsuspecting human public. Issue #1 of ELEPHANTMEN from Image Comics has officially sold out of its 16,000-copy first printing. Retailers and fans can rest easy; a second printing is on its way. ELEPHANTMEN was deemed Best of the Week of its release by Fourth Rail.

Launched at Comic-Con International: San Diego at the end of July, it has taken less than a month to burn through all 16,000 copies printed. A combination of factors contributed to this success: astoundingly positive reviews in both comic and mainstream publications, Ladrönn’s Eisner win for Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY), a regular, monthly schedule for a world that fans continue to fall in love with, and most important, word of mouth from lively and loyal fans.

HIP FLASK and ELEPHANTMEN creator, Richard Starkings, was asked for a comment but was found to have been knocked down with a feather.

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