Executive shuffle at DC

Observers who follow executive moves at the Big Two are buzzing this afternoon over word that James “Ski” Sokolowski is ankling DC for Marvel, where he’ll take the position of COO. He was director of Publishing Operations at DC. Ski is already a well-known industry figure from his first go-round at Marvel, back in the pre-Jemas days. He’s also worked at Curtis and High Times.

Linda Lee, who was formerly Director – International Business Development for DC has also left in recent weeks for a position at Nickelodeon.


  1. PencilSharp says:

    Let the “rats deserting the ship” talk start in 3… 2… 1…
    Seriously, wish both of them luck at their new jobs. (Especially Ski as Marvel’s COO. He’s the one who’s REALLY gonna need it.) Fresh blood at staid executive suites may just help DC shake its Inferiority Crisis at WB (& yes, pun intended, but not guaranteed to be lemony fresh…)

  2. Ski helped keep the trains running at DC Comics. He will surely be missed there.

  3. Someone named Linda Lee was working at DC!?

    How could they let her leave?

  4. Joe Lawler says:

    She’ll be back in 20 years, but no one will be quite sure what to do with her.

  5. jimmy palmiotti says:

    ski is awesome. really. a sweet, fun guy that has his head in the right place. I love knowing that he will always be around. there is nothing more relaxing than talking to him outside the building about just about anything. to me, it doesn’t matter which building he is outside of.

  6. Ski is a great guy, he’ll do well wherever he is.

    And I can’t say enough about Linda, we worked together at WildStorm, she’s wonderful–Hope the new job is as good as you deserve!

  7. John Nee says:


    No one ever leaves the “buildings” :)

    Ski is awesome.

    So is Linda.

  8. el seed says:

    Cue Benny Hill Theme.

  9. The infamous Ski. Seems an entire flotilla of my usual associates know and love him, and believe I would, too, yet we’ve yet to meet, despite certain shared pedigrees. I think it’s time to fire up Ye Olde Social Network.

  10. Dale Jonardi Burns says:

    Just curious if this is the same Jim “Ski” Sokolowski that went to Stetson University?


  1. […] [Publishing] Heidi MacDonald reports that two executives have left DC Comics for greener pastures — publishing-operations director James Sokolowski has left for Marvel, where MacDonald claims he’ll be taking up the position of chief operating officer, and international-development director Linda Lee, who’s allegedly off to Nickelodeon. […]

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