First Green Lantern trailer up

green lantern ew First Green Lantern trailer up

The first GREEN LANTERN trailer debuted on Entertainment Tonight this evening. The full HD version is viewable on Apple.

Ryan Reynolds was a good choice for Hal. That last shot of the full uniform (seen earlier in the teaser) looks more like a toy than a person but there is a lot of effects work still to be done.

What do you think? Is this the tentpole for a new era of DC-centric films at WB?


  1. I think it looks pretty awesome!!

  2. Jack Fear says:

    Tom Kalmaku!

  3. Jeff P. says:

    I just can’t buy Reynolds as a hero. He works much better in comedies.

    And hooo, some of that dialog!

  4. Jeff P. says:

    Of course, I initially felt the same way about Michael Keaton as Batman, and he pulled it off.

  5. He looks like a Mike Grell drawing.


  6. moebius44 says:

    Ben stiller in zoolander ..

  7. Rob Spencer says:

    Hate to say it, but Cowboys & Aliens looks better.

  8. Dump the mask. Tights are too tight.
    Not a must-see, by no means.

  9. moubius44 says:

    Yep not a real must see, deadpool anyone …..

  10. “Tights are too tight.”

    Er, it’s CGI.

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