Gene Colan on his recovery

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gene colan tribute Gene Colan on his recovery

Daniel Best interviews Gene Colan as the legendary artist recuperates from a broken shoulder.

DB: Has the doctor said that you’ll make a full recovery?
GC: Oh yeah. I’m fairly confident that I will. I can’t wait to get back to earning money and getting to work. I just want to start making a living again. I should be thinking more of retirement, I suppose, but I don’t even think about retiring. I need to draw, I love it, so why should I give it up.

The link includes information about other ongoing efforts to supplement Colan’s income via auctions and so on.


  1. Al™ says:

    Best to luck to Gene in getting back to drawing. I love looking back at the work he has done in so many different comic genres: Archie, romance, war, superhero and horror…

  2. Lilian Sarah says:


    now youre giving free advertising to that con artist danny best

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