Goodbye, not forever — UPDATE

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We’re going away for a little bit, but you probably won’t even notice, in all honesty. Trying to relax. Wish us luck.

UPDATED — Yow, sorry I was so oblique…just going away from the internets for a few days! Back Tuesday, FULL STRENGTH. A few things I had kicking around posted in the meantime.


  1. Wha? That sounds ominous…

  2. Sounds like a vacation. Luck!

  3. Ali T. Kokmen says:

    Good luck, Ms. MacDonald!

  4. Thanks for all the hard work to make this site my must-read-first-thing-in-the-morning, Heidi. Hopefully you’re taking some time to relax.

  5. Joe Staton says:

    Good luck, Heidi. Relax, now…

  6. Take some time to enjoy.

  7. Cedric says:

    Enjoy Heidi and thanx for all the awesome work you put in to make this site the best.

  8. Methinks Heidi will be incognito at Gen-Con this weekend… perhaps partaking in LEGO Call of Cthulu wargaming…

    Have fun, Beatrix!

  9. Later on, Heidi.

  10. Everyone needs to unplug once in awhile, keeps ya grounded..;)

  11. As it has been said on the E. Campbell blog of late, keep walking, and may the years have cash.

  12. Danny Fingeroth says:

    Don’t miss Heidi this Weds 8/19 at 12:30 pm at the “Comics from Every Angle” panel in Bryant Park in NYC. Moderated by yours truly, the panel is Heidi, Joe Quesada, David Mazzucchelli and Chip Kidd:

  13. Stay of the InterTubes and relax, Heidi!

  14. Alan Coil says:

    Thanks, Heidi, for all the work you’ve done here over the years.

    Hope to catch up with you wherever you end up next.

  15. michael says:

    SKEERED!!!! O.O

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