Harbinger #3 Preview

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By Todd Allen

I’ve been handed a preview for Harbinger #3 by Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans and Lewis LaRosa, due out on August 15th.  In this chapter, our hero finally lands at the Harbinger Foundation.  As I’ve said before, and probably will be saying for the foreseeable future, this is a comic that does not flinch at embracing the dark side of super powers.  It looks like the slow build towards a particularly twisted conflict of moral agendas is picking up a little momentum.

HAR 003 CVR 668x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview

HAR 003 001 661x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview

HAR 003 002 661x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview

HAR 003 003 661x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview

HAR 003 004 661x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview

HAR 003 005 661x1024 Harbinger #3 Preview


  1. I’m loving this book so far, and the art is excellent! I’m knocking on wood the artist sticks around post first arc!

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