Heidi’s Got No Power So Here Are Some Seasonal Cards

I don’t know what’s going on at Stately Beat manor, but a cat appeared at my house earlier and scratched the words NO POWER AT BEAT WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT COMICS YOU SECOND-RATE MANAGING EDITOR, YOU on my window. Nothing is happening in comics right now, I’m fairly sure – so in lieu of anything else, here’s a look at two Christmas cards I got sent this week by Boom Studios and Valiant Comics.

Valiant’s card comes from the mind and fingers and likely soul of Tom Fowler, who had a banner year in 2013. Currently working on, I believe, a one-shot issue about the Goat from Quantum & Woody, here the artist offers his take on the wider Valiant Universe.

chrimbo2 Heidis Got No Power So Here Are Some Seasonal Cards

And meanwhile Boom Studios, a publisher who had a year which was surely as banner-ish as Fowler’s, sent this one through the digital letterbox.

chrimbo1 Heidis Got No Power So Here Are Some Seasonal Cards

So in 2014, expect The Beat to HEAVILY FEATURE Valiant and Boom, at the expense of all other companies!*

*disclaimer: untrue


  1. I love that Heidi sent you a message via a cat.

  2. Would it be too soon to ask Beat readers for their favourite comics of 2013 and why? Mini, Indie, and Major labels….

  3. “You could link to Christmas-themed comics online,” he commented, hoping that people will click on his link, and enjoy his blasphemous little “what if” story.

  4. rob e says:

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays!

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