Hoteloween is on its way!

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Via the San Diego website. Mark your calendars!:

On or after March 19, call the Comic–Con Housing Desk at 1–877–55–COMIC (1–877–552–6642) or 212–532–1660 or come back to this page (bookmark it now!) for more info and online reservations.

Hotels at Comic-Con International are always hot commodities and most book up early. Room inventory is constantly monitored for availability and updated frequently. Visit this page or call the Comic–Con Travel and Housing Desk at 1–877–55–COMIC on or after MARCH 19, 2009. Outside the U.S., please call 212–532–1660. Please do not call the phone numbers before that date, as they will not be operational until March 19.

NOTE: We have not been allotted enough rooms by the hotels to meet the demand. Rooms do fill up within the first few hours so you may want to book a room directly with the hotel of your choice now.


  1. We have not been allotted enough rooms by the hotels to meet the demand.> The organizers should look into this. Not enough rooms?

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