Is the mini-pamphlet dead?

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Jennifer DeGuzman’s APE report notices the decline of the mini-pamphet; if the web hasn’t killed regular floppies, it has certainly become the go-to place for the kind of independent spirits who used to create “mail art.”

While there were a few people self-publishing their comics, there were fewer of them than in the past, and there seemed to be an even marked decrease in the charming photocopied, hand-stapled mini-comic. Last year, I either bought or was generously given several mini-comics or self-published comics (you can read about that here). This year — I bought two (one by Johnny Siu and another called “Fremont Girl”) and was given none. (Boohoo!) The assumption is that the do-it-yourselfers have moved to the web.

[Link via Johanna]


  1. “mini-pamphet?”



  2. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Maybe now people just exchange links instead of xerox paper. More environmentally sound!

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