It’s International Darkstar Day!!

The big day is finally here! Ladies and gentlemen of The Beat, gather your young ones and race onto the street. Proclaim for all to hear, TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL DARKSTAR DAY, AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!

On this day we share the joy of Darkstar, Marvel’s least celebrated yet best superhero. Now you’ve returned back to your computer fresh from the street, lungs aching from the stress and feet covered in dirt (you could’ve at least put some shoes on, y’know – but I admire your impatience), let us bask in some of the art sent to me by a bevy of lovely artists!

First up is Isaac Leiro, whose work you can find every week at Stardark City. He offered both black/white and coloured versions of her, and I simply couldn’t choose between them. So I include both!

leirus2 Its International Darkstar Day!!

Up next is the work of Dr Sonic, who cuts characters into shape via construction paper and a rather sharp knife. Find him at!

Dr Sonic Its International Darkstar Day!!

He appears on DeviantArt only as MohoFrappe, and his Darkstar could not be any more lovely!  Look how she swishes!

Affinity Its International Darkstar Day!!


Zhaxra offers a redesign (and new haircut) for Laynia Petrovna with his piece here, and you can find more of his art over at his DeviantArt page!

Zhaxra Its International Darkstar Day!!

Brilliant ol’ Rance Sims also offers a smart new redesign for the character, which captures ALL her class! He is on DeviantArt too!

 Shade2 Its International Darkstar Day!!

Finally…. oh dear, Isaac Leiro’s shown up again. And this time… well.

Leirus1 Its International Darkstar Day!!

Folks, International Darkstar Day is also my birthday. Can you even believe just how self-indulgent this entire post has been? I certainly can! But at least we all got some lush and tidy artwork out of it, can you not agree? What a great day this is. Three cheers for Darkstar! And hey — not forgetting…

DARKSTARDAY Its International Darkstar Day!!

EDIT!! More Darkstar has just arrived, from Studio YOLO’s Christa Cassano! If you look out the window right now, you’ll be able to see a small trail of sparks flying up out of sight, because MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED!

christa cassano Its International Darkstar Day!!

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all, and to all… A HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DARKSTAR DAY!


  1. Kater says:

    And I thought this post was John-Carpenter-related…

  2. Mesektet says:

    Sasha Roerich would totally kick Laynia Petrovna’s ass! And is 14 times more awesome!

    Happy Darkstar Day

  3. Pedro Bouça says:

    Nah, Laynia is the Sensational Character Find of 1976! By far the most interesting character on the Champions team (I read the TPBs recently and it’s no contest). OK, damning with fint praise, but she is a great character who deserves better than just be a foreign hero in the Marvel universe (AKA crossover fodder).

  4. Shawn Hill says:

    One of the best mutants ever! I wish she’d fight the Vanisher again!

  5. Sasha Roerich is ALSO a favourite! You can’t go wrong no matter which of the three Darkstars you choose as your favourite.

    Darkstar Vs Vanisher!:

  6. David Gallaher says:

    Happy Birthday!


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