Jaime alert

jaimefinke Jaime alert
Jaime Hernandez draws Nikki Finke for The New Yorker. Shades of Dot Winks!

But Nikki didn’t like the profile. =(


  1. jeff bartoletti says:

    new or old, Xaime art in the morning…so great

  2. Is that an older Betty Draper??

    Los Bros Hernandez for a MAD MEN comix adaptation, stat! ;)

  3. michael says:

    she didn’t really decry the pic, but some people do take themselves too seriously.


  1. Think Finke says:

    […] One item I skipped over recently that I don’t want to ignore forever was the New Yorker profile of Nikki Finke, complete with an illustration of her from “Love and Rockets” cartoonist Jaime Hernandez. Finke’s response was a nasty — even by her standards — megasnark smack down of the article which basically had her bragging about how she hates the venerable magazine these days, how she, various industry types, and Harvey Weinstein supposedly  manipulated the content of the article, and how she claims to have played editor David Remnick and writer Tad Friend in a way that the legendary Finke could, of course, never  ever possibly be played. […]

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