James Bond and Wolverine team up for…ANGST

20090827 mustache 560x339 James Bond and Wolverine team up  for...ANGST

MAN WATCH: EW has a first look at Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in the Broadway play ‘A Steady Rain’, which, we’re told, is a heavy duty drama about two Chicago cops.

Jackman, who won a Tony in 2004 for hoofing it as 1970s singer-songwriter Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz, plays Denny, a patrolman with a racist streak and violent temper. And Craig, a London stage veteran making his Broadway debut, plays Joey, a recovering alcoholic and gentler soul who may not be as docile as he first seems. In A Steady Rain, which just began rehearsals, the two buddies in blue recount a few harrowing days on the job and their very different accounts of a police call that quickly went south.

Well, that sounds just awesome, except, based on the VERY, VERY serious look in Jackman’s eye and Craig’s fierce porn ‘stache, this play is really about two guys sitting around a steambath together. AND WE’D LOVE IT.


  1. I wish Jackman would talk Craig into taking on Iron Fist.

  2. Rafael Kayanan says:

    Where’s VIGGO?

  3. Craig looks awful in a ‘stache. It’s like he was terribly miscast as a Dreadnok.

  4. mark coale says:

    Is there going to be a new version of Life on Mars?

  5. The Beat says:

    MarK Coale FTW!

  6. Blackeye says:

    Two guys with accents (not from the US), playing two guys with accents (from Chicago). That makes sense!

  7. DC goes for authentic rather then pretty, which is good, since Hugh looks like he always does, which makes Craigs the more interesting character.

  8. Charles Knight says:

    “Two guys with accents (not from the US), playing two guys with accents (from Chicago). That makes sense! ”

    I used to say the same to John Wayne.

    sureeely that man is the son of Gawd..

  9. @Blackeye: Yeah, but generally British/Australian actors are pretty good at American accents, while American actors are piss-poor at anything other than their original speaking dialects. (It probably comes from having classical training as opposed to the strategy of “I’m moving to LA to become an actor!”) I’d rather have it this way than the other way around.

  10. @Jim: Agreed. I can’t think of any American actor whose done a foreign accent correctly. (Though I heard that Renee Zewelleger was fine as Bridget Jones. Maybe Robert Downey Lr. also?) But Hugh Laurie, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale … the list goes on and on of Brits/Australians who’ve nailed the American accent.

    ALTHOUGH … their accents do tend to be more along the New England/East Coast side of things. I don’t think many a foreigner has successfully done Southern, Appalachian, Texan, or Mid-Western. And this movie IS set in Chicago.

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