Jason Aaron's beard still very awesome

9c151553793b409dacc15a7687e5c40b 7 Jason Aaron's beard still very awesome

In case you were wondering, Aaron, author of SCALPED, WOLVERINE and PUNISHER MAX, sports a beard as fearsome as his talent.


  1. Soon he’ll be in Alan Moore territory! And like Highlander, there can be only one!

  2. So not only will he argue online with Moore, now they can meet in an arena and have their beards have an old fashioned beard brawl.

  3. Link W Herrman says:

    Reminds me of Michael Moorcock’s beard.

  4. Jason Aaron: Still jealous of Alan Moore.

  5. warren ellis is jealous.

  6. Alec Longstreth’s got them all beat.

  7. He’s slowly turning into the one thing he hates!

  8. john-bryan says:

    That beard makes me think he wants to audition for a part as a biker on Sons of Anarchy, either that or as one of the band in a ZZ Top biography.

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