Jean aces Spectrum again

The winners in the 15th annual Spectrum Awards for the best uin Fantastic art have been announced, and James Jean was once again the big winner, with a Best in Show, and #1 in the Comic’s category. John Jude Palencar won the Grand Master Award, The complete list:

Gold Award: JOHNNY YANOK (“Resurrection of the Blood-Zombies From Beyond²/
client: Headless Spectre Records / art director: Doktor Viktor Von Kreep)
Silver Award: BROM (“Hellbent” / client: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. / art
director: Brom)

Gold Award: SAM WEBER (cover to THIRTEEN ORPHANS by Jane Linskold / client:
Tor Books / art director: Irene Gallo)
Silver Award: STEPHAN MARTINIERE (cover to CITY WITHOUT END by Kay Kenyon /
client: Pyr/Prometheus Books / art director: Lou Anders)

Fab66 Jean aces Spectrum again

Gold Award: JAMES JEAN (cover to FABLES #66: The Good Prince/ client:
Vertigo/DC Comics / art director: Shelly Bond)
Silver Award: ADAM HUGHES (cover to CATWOMAN #75 / client: DC Comics / art
director: Mark Chiarello)

Gold Award: DANIEL DOCIU (³Defeated Dragon² / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars /
art director: Daniel Dociu)
Silver Award: DANIEL DOCIU (³Carnival Season² / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars /
art director: Daniel Dociu)

Gold Award: A. BRENT ARMSTRONG (“The Mummy Revisited” / bronze)
Silver Award: AKIHITO IKEDA (“Heart of Art” / mixed media)

Gold Award: PHIL HALE (“Interpreter² / client: Playboy Magazine / art
director: Tom Staebler)
Silver Award: KURT HUGGINS & ZELDA DEVON (“Singer² / client: Polluto
Magazine / art director: Adam Lowe)

Gold Award: ROBH RUPPEL (“Hot, Dry, & Deadly² / client: Broadview Graphics /
art director: Robh Ruppel)
Silver Award: LARRY MACDOUGALL (“Rainy River” / client: Underhill Studio /
art director: P.A. Lewis)

Gold Award: OMAR RAYYAN (“The Apple²)
Silver Award: BROM (“Black Coast² / art director: Arnie Fenner)

CE422D detail Jean aces Spectrum again

JAMES JEAN (cover to FABLES #67: The Good Prince / client: Vertigo/DC Comics
/ art director: Shelly Bond)

GRAND MASTER AWARD (presented by the Spectrum Advisory Board)

This year’s jury consisted of Daren Bader [artist/art director for Rockstar Games/San Diego], Tim Bodendistel [art director/Hallmark Cards], Frank Cho [artist], Kelley Seda [artist], and Justin Sweet [artist].


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