Jim Zub and Edwin Huang Launch ‘Savage Skullkickers’ in March

Following on from the success of Uncanny Skullkickers #1 next February, Image have announced the launch of a brand new #1 issue in March – Savage Skullkickers, from the creative team of Jim Zub and Edwin Huang.

i5 600x900 Jim Zub and Edwin Huang Launch Savage Skullkickers in March

The issue will continue the ongoing plot threads which will in two months time be left over from Uncanny Skullkickers, with most of the cast who presumably appear in February’s issue likely returning for this new #1 issue.

… mainly because Uncanny Skullkickers was actually issue #19 of the Image series and this is actually issue #20. But don’t tell anyone!


  1. “The issue will continue the ongoing plot threads which will in two months time be left over from Uncanny Skullkickers”

    So…to make fun of repeated relaunches and renumberings, they’re going to repeatedly relaunch and renumber their series (making it a mess to follow on Comixology, most likely) and the #1 won’t even necessarily indicate a jumping-on point?

    I like Skullkickers, and the title thing is a funny gag, but it feels like they’re targeting the book at people who like jokes about Marvel’s publishing practices, and I wish they’d aim a little higher.

  2. Evan Meadow says:

    If Comixology is smart, they’ll focus on using the “B” covers which will continue the regular numbering system so nothing will get too confused.

  3. Mesektet says:

    I thought Uncanny was a relaunch/renumbering. Is it still a jump on point for new readers?


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