Junko Mizuno at Marvel

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junkopanel1 Junko Mizuno at Marvel
CB Cebulski teases Marvel work by famed manga and fine artist Junko Mizuno.


  1. Mark Coale says:

    That panel will soon be magicked away by Mephisto.

  2. That sound you heard? Yeah, it was my head exploding.

  3. The stars have aligned.

  4. comic sans?

  5. This being a Mizuno comic, the next panel showed the cook feasting on Spider-Man’s entrails.

  6. Junko Mizuno drawing Marvel Comics characters. Total f—ed up win!

  7. I dont usually comment, but after reading through so much info I had to say thanks


  1. […] – The PW Beat has learned that cute/crazy artist Junko Mizuno is going to be doing some work for Marvel…although the original link has disappeared. Still: do want. […]

  2. […] News via Deb’s Manga Blog by way of The Beat. […]

  3. […] News via Deb’s Manga Blog by way of The Beat. […]

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