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macbethsm Kate Beaton's MacBeth

Can she get any more awesome?


  1. No she can not! No, wait; she’d be much more awesome if someone’d give her a damn publishing deal!

  2. @Art: Derivative of anything in particular or just because you like to use the word?

    I love her work!

  3. I too am curious to know what Kate Beaton’s wonderfully original work is “derivative” of. The Stratford Festival? Canadian Heritage Minutes? Pierre Berton?

  4. michael says:

    ha! Party invite trump! :D

  5. Tom Spurgeon says:

    She’s had multiple days in the spotlight — let the backlash begin! I think it’s dumb she can’t remember the title of the play, and Aquaman would never act like that.

  6. The Stratford Festival? Canadian Heritage Minutes? Pierre Berton?

    Ooooo… Snotty elitist Canadians with their non American history! Some day they’ll gt what’s coming to them!

  7. Scott McCloud says:

    I see a lot of comics in the course of a year.

    The idea that Beaton’s work is “derivative” is utterly bizarre. She’s one of the most original talents currently working.

    Who ARE you people??

  8. She’s totally awesome! Love her!

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