King goes Video with Marvel

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The Wall Street Journal joins the parade of Comic-Con exclusives with Stephen King’s latest foray with Marvel:

In a promotion expected to be announced Friday at Comic-Con, the big comic-book convention in San Diego, a previously unpublished story by Mr. King has been transformed by Marvel Comics into an animated video. The 25 episodes will be distributed in a variety of online and mobile channels ahead of the book’s publication Nov. 11. Starting Monday, new episodes will be released daily, five times a week, through Aug. 29.

The story couches the venture in terms of the increasingly creative ways of marketing books to an increasingly visually-literate readership.


  1. Torsten Adair says:

    Wow… Two minute commercials… Eventually collected onto a DVD which will be packaged with the book.

    I wonder how well the story will be told in two-minute chunks, and how well the small size, created for cellphones, ipods, and computer screens, will look on a larger screen.

  2. John Tebbel says:

    Anything for increasing visual literacy.

  3. John Tebbel says:

    And, oh, my G*d, the banner ad on the Beat is from some part of the Harvard Business School. Can the rapture be far behind?

  4. I love your blog…really. Did you already hear about water on mars? :)

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