Oni joins the Humble Bundle brigade

Humble Oni Press Comics Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

And as Valiant ended, Oni has taken up the Humble Bundle comics slot. $360 worth of comics including The Sixth Gun, Letter 44 and more. And you benefit the charity Direct Relief. Here’s more:

NYCC ’14: Kids Comic Con presents activities and panels


Kids Comic Con, the annual NY-based event celebrating kids and comics, will have a variety of activities at this year’s NYCC, including a SuperhEro Day at Ronald MacDonald House and panels showcasing what kids, comics and cons can do together. Kids Comic COn founder Alex Simmons will be at all the events. Here’s all the […]

NYCC ’14 debuts new harassment policy and new poster by Amy Reeder Hadley


New York Comic-Con is coming at us, bringing dread and liver damage in its wake, but one thing that will be improved at this year’s show is anupdated harassment policy and far greater visibility for it. Last year’s con was marred by a bunch of disturbing incidents, and this year NYCC reached out to The […]

Comic Arts Brooklyn expands to two days in 2014


Gabe Fowler, the main man behind Comic Arts Brooklyn, the late fall comics arts fest that traditionally caps off New Yorks comics year, will expand to days in 2014. Taking place November 8-9, the show will see exhibits at the usual place at the Mt Carmel Church on Saturday and on Sunday a complete track of programming at the Wythe Hotel, which is also located in Williamsburg.

Announced guests this year include Roz Chast, Richard McGuire, Raymond Pettibon and Art Spiegelman, but as you can see from the above poster,more guests have been added including Michael DeForge, Lisa Hanawalt, Julie Doucet (!!!!), Josh Bayer, Charles Burns, Aisha Franz, Al Jaffee, Tim Lane, Benjamin Marra, Jim Rugg and Olivier Schwauwen.

“We want to give more artists and exhibitors the opportunity to come to the presentations,” said Fowler in a statement, “Often the very people who want most to see creators speak are unable to attend. CAB wants to change that equation.”

50 hours/$450 to go for Sparkplug’s Fall Kickstarter

cardini painting

Actually $440 since I just pledged $10 for a copy of Elijah Brubaker’s Reich #12. If there is any company which deserves the preordering help that Kickstarter uses its Sparkplug, now run by Virginia Paine following the tragic death of founder Dylan Williams. The Kickstarter covers Reich #12 and a collection of William Cardini’s Vortex. […]

Jason Aaron and Ron Garney get angry in ‘Men of Wrath’


by Alexander Jones If Men of Wrath‘s ‘Mail of Wrath’ letters column is true, author Jason Aaron has one bleak family tree. His latest creator-owned title comes from the same deep, dark pit that birthed his previous collaboration in the space, Southern Bastards; and even if he is bringing in a different team for this […]

NYCC ’14: Still Under Construction


Long time attendees to New York Comic Con have had to tolerate renovations and construction the past few years. While the Javits Center has completed the renovation (scaled back from an actual expansion due to budget), the 7 train extension is 90% complete, meaning that attendees will either have to hoof it from Times Square […]

DC admits sexist t-shirts sent wrong message


Over the weekend at the Long Beach Comic Con, Tamara Brooks found some officially licensed DC t-shirts that gave messages that were a bit outmoded, to say the least. Tom Spurgeon quickly labeled them “repulsive,” and everyone else was all like reducing Wonder Woman to a victory level on a sex video game, really? Well, […]

Joe Quesada’s Star Wars #1 cover variant revealed


has unveiled Joe Quesada’s variant cover to Star Wars
#1. The first Marvel issue of the 21st century will debut in
January with story by Jason Aaron, and art by John Cassaday and
Laura MArtin.. MArtin colored Quesada’s cover. Marvel’s e-i-c-

Fictional humans protest Superman’s violent streak just like real ones did


Superman Protests! Yes, burning Supes in effigy…in Metropolis…in Detroit! #BatmanvSuperman W/@D3T0N8R pic.twitter.com/xbaKzwG13B — Tim Reinman (@treinman) September 29, 2014 Latino Review is keeping up with the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice [League Movie] set leaks and stuff.. The film is shooting in Detroit, for that “urban explorer” feeling. One scene (above) involves people […]