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•George O’Connor is guest blogging at First Second blog and talking about his research fo Journey into Mohawk Country.

•Cartooner Tim Kreider’s impassioned defense of former planet Pluto led to an appearance on Nightline last night:

Due to the convergence of forces beyond my comprehension, I have become a media Go-To Guy on the subject of Pluto’s demotion. I will be appearing on ABC’s Nightline (and possibly World News Tonight, if they get the tape in time) tonight, August 24th. I also have a commmentary on ABC online. I do not know when any of these shows are on. Please do not tell me if I look or sound like an idiot.

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•A local Vermont music critic is baffled by Kochalka’s new CD, SPREAD YOUR EVIL WINGS AND FLY, feels it signals decline in civilzation:

To add to his musical laurels, his song “Hockey Monkey” performed with The Zambonis is used as the theme song on the Fox television sitcom “The Loop” which is entering its second season. This type of recognition should lead to a hefty royalty check for Kochalka and get other local musicians, whose music might be more polished, to consider changing course and also entering the realm of cartoon-like music.

All this makes me wonder as to what is happening in the world of commercial music. Is the American cultural slide into trivia steeper than most have predicted. Has the obesity plague reached such momentous proportions that teens and post teens cannot distinguish real music from kitsch, while the right side (the artistic lobe) of their brains has become nothing more than gray post-digestive mush?

•Although rather confusing to the non-initatiated, this translated blog posting at ComiPress looks at what seems to be the Japanese Shonen Jump’s pandering to yaoi readers:


(1) Literally “rotten girl” (è…?女å­?). A pun, based on the homonymous term for women (婦女å­?). Ironical self-description by readers of Yaoi/Boys Love. (Urban Dictionary)

(2) Pertaining to manga/anime, girls who like gays (translator)

translator’s aside: it would help to have a basic understanding of otaku terminology such as fujoshi (explained above), yaoi/BL (explained in the article) and moe before reading this article.

- The author has been reading Shonen Jump for 10-odd years now.
- The article below is based on assumption, hypothesizing and the author’s personal opinions.

[Fujoshi Who Disapprove of Shonen Jump’s Catering to Fujoshi]

Generally, titles mocked as Fujoshi-centric have several common characteristics:
- There is no plot to speak of*
- Numerous prettyboy characters make appearances
- The story is interspersed with pointless episodes of male bonding and re-affirmation of male friendships.

•Marvel’s Kevin Feige says there’s enough Spidey for 50 more movies:

“There will be many more Spider-Man films to come,” he promised. “We already have stacks of ideas for the next one because of the wealth of stories in the comics. We could be making Spider-Man movies for the next 20 years, based on the 50 years of Spider-Man history we have.”

Please do not make a movie out of that one where Spider-man gets his eye plucked out, that’s all we ask.

•Idiots can no longer get married 24 hours a day in Vegas.


  1. Monkey and Robolizard says:

    Its refreshing to see that there’s still music out there to make people think that youth culture is ever in decline.

  2. Has the obesity plague reached such momentous proportions that teens and post teens cannot distinguish real music from kitsch, while the right side (the artistic lobe) of their brains has become nothing more than gray post-digestive mush?

    That’s right, damnit! That hack Mozart must be stopped!!

    Hey, wait a minute…


  3. At least I’m not the only person who believes that James Kochalka’s music is bafflingly idiotic.

  4. I enjoy Kochalka’s music, though I fully acknowledge that certain sounds others find grating I find soothing, whereas most pop music makes me want to pierce my ear drums. Diff’rent strokes to rule the world, hmmm.

    But to change gears, is there any greater gift to intelligent comic connosieurs (read: dorks) than Tim Kreider? The funny and the smart trip so lightly off his tongue (and, I assume, onto his keyboard). His capacity for justified offense is unparalleled. Man-crush readily admitted.

  5. “There are a handful of bad songs on Monkey vs. Robot and a good deal of mediocre songs. Not too bad for a thirty one song album, but tracks like “Hot Rod Monkeyâ€? are detrimental to the over all quality of the album. Some tracks sound like they were stolen from the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic birthday band (I’m looking at you “Pizza Rocket.â€?)”

    -excerpt from one of my album reviews that no less than two and no more than four people have read.

  6. have you seen this on tv?



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