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Lots of stuff emerging from the cracks of con reports:
Neil Gaiman’s Batman interview:

So I don’t have to write lots and lots of emails back to all the journalists:

1) Yes, I am writing a two part Batman story.

2) Yes, Andy Kubert will be drawing it.

3) Yes, it will be two oversized issues.

4) No, I don’t plan to say anything else about it until it’s all written and drawn.

Cecil Castellucci’s new book:

The big news: There will be a third Janes book! Right now it’s called Janes Go Summer! That could change. But color me SO Excited!

James Romberger has drawn a yet unannounced book for Vertigo Crime:

I hope it works out well since I did the art for one of the Vertigo Crime graphic novels….it’s been finished for a few months now, but they didn’t announce it yet.

Raina Telgemeier teases some news:

I also have some exciting news to report, hopefully very soon! I told a few people about it in San Diego, and if you know where to look (*cough*), you might be able to guess at most of what it is. ;) Stay tuned!

Following the link yields this from Scott Robins:

Raina Telgemeier gave me some insight on her next book following the 4th Baby-Sitter’s Club title. Longtime fans of hers will GRIN at what’s upcoming and I’m sure so will a whole new audience of kids.

Hm, Raina does a great webcomics called SMILE…wonder if…


  1. Andy Kubert drawing it????? Great! That will mean we’ll see it in two years. I think Kubert can do a book a year….loser

  2. michael says:

    I lurve drawings by Raina! :) *needs more comic books by her*

  3. To hell with Batman, is Gaiman writing a Doctor Who episode or not???

  4. ~chris says:

    If Raina’s announcement is what she told my niece and me about when we visited her table, I think it has already been announced….

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