Look, here’s the deal

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We had to run out of the house this morning for a meeting before we had a chance to post all of our entries for the day — the advent of fall marks the arrival of “good-sleeping-in-way-too-late” weather — but we have several urgent urgent posting to get up. And yet, working on the WP interface — or even the crude Ecto for Windows interface — we’re pretty much sunk. Without our sweet drag-and-drop capabilities for iCal, Graphic Converter and of course Ecto, the greatest program ever sold for $17.95, we’re pretty much helpless as a toothless infant gurgling merrily as it lies in a muddle of its own waste; helpless as a rhino without a credit card; helpless as Jessica Simpson faced with one-column addition.

Yes, we’re helpless.


We’re sorry.


  1. Jimmie Robinson says:

    I really should use my iCal more often… but sadly it remains ignored for months at a time. I see the next Mac OS upgrade involves a big change. Perhaps that will set me straight.

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