Losing my edge

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LCD Soundsystem remix via Sean Collins:

Every great book by Jack Kirby.
All the underground hits.
All of the Boody Rogers strips.
I heard you have a hardcover of every Tintin album on Belgian import.
I heard that you have a mini of every seminal Bill Sienkiewicz book – 1985, ’86, ’87.
I heard that you have a TPB compilation of every good ’60s strip and another HC from the ’70s.
I hear you’re buying a P.O. Box and a Kinko’s card and throwing your Diamond deal out the window because you want to make something real.
You want to make a King-Cat comic.

(Stolen from Douglas)


  1. Oh my god. I love the original song, and I love this.

  2. The lyrics almost read like “Rock ‘N Roll Lifestyle” by the band, Cake.

  3. brilliant!

  4. And here I thought Wesley Willis was dead.

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