Lost: "The Incident"

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This Place is Death l Lost: "The Incident"

Isn’t it sad that both of these characters are dead and Kate is still alive?

Season Finale. Let’s get it on after the jump.

Did we really need another clip show?

0:01 – No animals were harmed in the making of this episode.

0:02 – Great. New characters.

0:03 – Jacob! and the Statue! In less than a minute! Who says this show doesn’t answer questions?

0:04 – Could Jacob and his friend that looks like Jonathan Pryce be Cain and Abel?

0:06 – Kate is a rebel from Iowa. JUST LIKE JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK!

0:08 – A Kate episode? Please let that mean she dies tonight.

0:09 – Good old Faraday.

0:11 – Drill Cam

0:13 – John Locke heel turn?

0:15 – With friends like that …

0:16 – Yeah, like they were going to show you what was in the box now.

0:20 – Young Sawyer. Full of piss and vinegar.

0:22 – Woman of Action.

0:23 – Love the Dharma Sub logo.

0:24 – Jack with dap for Locke? He HAS changed.

0:25 – Take that, Mr. Linus

0:29 – Well now.

0:30 – For you Silver Age fans, JACOB IS MOPEE.

0:33 – I guess we have our casualty for tonight. Probably dying by blowing up the bomb.

0:40 – Ha. Rose, Bernard and Vincent in one fell swoop.

0:42 – We’re Retired. Best Line Ever.

0:43 – What do you mean “you people?”

0:44 – “you’ll be fine.” Famous Last Words.

0:46 – That was confusing.

0:47 – Map. That’s gotta be important.

0:48 – It can’t be a good idea to burn down Jacob’s house.

0:52 – ha ha ha ha. That was great.

0:53 – Alone time.

0:54 – Honesty? From Ben?

0:56 – Haven’t seen that in a long while.

0:59 – Mexican stand-off.

1:03 – Another Statue appearance.

1:04 – There was an old man who lived in a foot.

1:05 – Is that really Christian Shephard?

1:10 – I didn’t think he meant “had” in the biblical sense, but well, they both did, didn’t they?

1:11 – Two alpha males fighting for control.

1:12 – Oh, Juliet. what are you doing?

1:18 – Get this sappy stuff about my time travel show.

1:20 – “Nothing has ever felt so right.” Bad thing happening in 3..2..1

1:28 – Blessed? Cursed? What’s the difference?

1:33 – This is bad. Very bad.

1:37 – Is Miles the only person thinking clearly?

1:43 – TENSION~!

1:44 – There goes Dr. Chang’s arm. Finally.

1:45 – Good riddance, Phil.

1:46 – Boy, that sucks.

1:51 – Ricardos.

1:52 – SWERVE~!

1:53 – Oh Ben. You’re making such a horrible mistake.

1:57 – They who?

1:59 – Excellent. Ten months and counting.

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    [note] Heidi had to repost this, as the original post disappeared, along with the comments. Feel free to repopulate with your theories about Jacob and his opposite number. [/note]

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