LOST: “Well, here we go.”

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It’s the Hurley and Miles buddy picture. More after the jump.


09:01 – Where there was a number on that rabbit?

09:02 – Tommy Lasorda~!

09:04 – Circle of Trust.

09:05 – Black Ops Dharmas?

09:05 – Well we know that it’s not Faraday in the body bag, as had been speculated.

09:10 – Punk Miles

09:13 – Secret garlic mayo.

09:15 – A STAR TREK commecial during LOST? Shocking.

09:19 – Geronimo Jackson on the radio?

09:22 – Naomi!

09:25 – He’s going to be okay, if by okay, you mean “crazy psychotic cult leader.”

09:26 – Captain and Tenille!~!

09:27 – Polar bear turds. Awesome.

09:28 – The show’s worst-kept secret/most popular theory is indeed true.

09:34 – $1.6 million.

09:36 – Roger, suspicious creep.

09:39 – Secret Hideout

09:40 – THE NUMBERS~!

09:46 – Hmmm. So “the shadow cult” is the third point of the triangle with Widmore and Ben.

09:49 – oh no, STAR WARS fanfic. Hurley, you lost so much of our respect.

09:49 – So, what are Hurley’s improvements? Luke not losing his hand?

09:51 – Okay, maybe, this isn’t a “new” Sawyer, after all.

09:59 – “Ewoks suck, dude.”

10:01 – Mystery reveal is … yep.

so, next week is a clip show? Boo.

 LOST: Well, here we go.

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