Marvel's NBA-Mashup

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clippers Marvel's NBA Mashup
This week’s NBA preview issue of ESPN The Magazine includes special Marvel-themed makeovers of all the teams, and Comics Alliance has the entire gallery. Here are a few to get warmed up:

bobcats Marvel's NBA Mashup
It’s too bad they were only doing Marvel covers, because this would have been the perfect one for the Knicks:

201010251332 Marvel's NBA Mashup


  1. Chris Hero says:

    Thank you very, very much for not posting any of the LeBron ones. (Although, if I’m so bothered by it – which I am – I have to wonder why I clicked on this link at all….)

    Your Knicks will have Carmelo Anthony, Amare’e Staudamire and a good coach. If you can just get a decent point guard and a new bench, you may have a shot at it. I’m a Cleveland guy myself, so I truly envy you right now….

  2. Bill Laimbeer is not a Doombot. He is either the Punisher or Loki, depending on your team allegiances.

    The Knicks are also a popular pick for the 7 or 8 seed, though we’ll have to see how Stoudemire’s knees hold up.

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