Massively excited Spider-Man statue removed from children’s playground

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spiderman excited Massively excited Spider Man statue removed from childrens playground

Apparently for a year a statue of Spider-Man that proved he is a MAN loomed over a playground at the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea. Since I can’t post the pictures directly here, suffice to say that Spidey has a big old boner. According to Kotaku, sculptor Eunsuk Yoo did not understand why the erection that was erected might be offensive.

I am the artist who made this piece. My reason for it was that I wanted apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero depict whats’s natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way.

There have been some comments on various community sites and Facebook pages that this is lewd and a disgrace to the source material. Lotte Shopping Center has received many complaint calls this morning from a certain organization, and after their meeting, it was decided that I have to either modify or take the statue down. Instead of modifying my work, I’ve decided to take it down.

It was ok for about a year and now it has to be taken down due a sudden interest in the piece, which is sad. But I understand that a piece that could be potentially interpreted as lewd can be offensive at a place like shopping mall. It’s disappointing, but I’ll reach out to the public with a better work next time.

To be fair, the sculpture is high on a building, and Spidey’s manparts may not have been all that visible from the ground. But now the statue went viral in Korea and went went up…must come down.

I could make some more puns about this, but Chris Sims has that covered.

To see the shocking uncensored photos, go here!!!!


  1. horatio weisfeld says:

    Our world’s teetering at the brink.

  2. Horatio weisfeld says:

    Perhaps those isolationists are right about these foreigners.

  3. @Heidi MacDonald says, “BTW, this argument was always about marketing…”

    An argument about marketing would be fair, Heidi. So why post inaccurate, forced attacks on Manara’s drawing ability?

    1 – The 3D artist whose picture you posted didn’t even bother to look at Manara’s drawing all that closely. The pose isn’t the same.

    2 – Those girls in the video clearly aren’t trying all that hard — nor do they have remotely the same lean, flexible body type as the character.

    3 – The joke drawing in the Oatmeal that you linked to is another example of forcing the point. Unlike the Spider-Man picture, I don’t see the slightest hint of genitalia on Spider-Woman. Not that it hasn’t been done — you yourself posted about the Spider-Man-with-a-boner statue that hung (no pun intended) on a building overlooking a children’s playground in South Korea:

    So, it’s not like Spidey’s never gotten this treatment (though again, this WAS South Korea).

    Elle Magazine (yes everyone is getting into the act) ran a story about it under the stupid headline, “This Is What Happens When Men Try to Draw a Female Superhero.”

    Would you support a headline that read, “This Is What Happens When Women Try to Draw a Male Superhero?” I wouldn’t.

    By the way — much of your post is about how a “real” woman couldn’t move like that. Leaving aside the fact that Spider-Woman is a fictional character who is supposed to have agility far beyond that of an ordinary woman — how about Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment? You must have seen it. That scene ran in every single trailer and commercial for that movie for weeks. Ms. Zeta-Jones moved EXACTLY like Manara’s drawing — and I believe she’s real, but maybe not.

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