MoCCA Extra-Activity Guide – UPDATED

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Hey Mocca Attendees — to anyone who is hanging around New York for a day or two afterwards, here are some things you might want to check out. New York is a greenhouse of comics-y/arty events and there are several good ones going on right now.

201104080243 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

Will Eisner’s New York: From The Spirit to the Modern Graphic Novel
Really THE show to see, a comprehensive collection of some of Eisner’s most famous pieces; with a companion show with art by Neal Adams, Jules Feiffer and more.

201104072100 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

CARTOON POLYMATHS, Parsons School, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, 12th St and 5th Avenue.
A great, concisely-curated show that spotlights six visionary artists who have had an impact in multiple artistic disciplines. Possibly the only comics art show that ever got it’s own neon sign.

201104072059 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

CRUMB: LINES DRAWN ON PAPER, Society of Illustrators, 63rd and Lexington.
It’s Crumb. ‘Nuff said.

201104072055 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

Attempting to get away from the “kawai” cliche, cuteness is still the elephant in the room for this fine art show. Some breathtaking pieces of art — a giant city drawn in pen and inktaht took a year, a deer skeleton covered in tumors of crystal — that must be seen in person.

201104072057 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

A look at Rockwell’s photography and how it influenced his art. CLOSES SUNDAY.

201104080248 MoCCA Extra Activity Guide   UPDATED

The Museum of Sex: STRIPPED
This Craig Yoe-curated show includes a fine run down of sexy comics from Tijuana BIbles to Jessica Fink.


  1. Danny Fingeroth says:

    Don’t forget the Will Eisner’s New York exhibit at MoCCA itself:

  2. Bill Kartalopoulos says:

    Thanks for mentioning Cartoon Polymaths! But jut a quick correction: the venue is at 13th st. and 5th avenue, not 12th and 5th.

  3. Mark H Wilkinson says:

    Possibly the only comics art show that ever got it’s own neon sign.

    Possessive “its” has no apostrophe.


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