More altered eBay art

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 More altered eBay artYesterday we linked to the sad story of someone who got a free sketch from Stan Sakai and then turned around and scribbled out the inscription with a big black marker and then tried to sell it on eBay. After the controversy, the listing was removed, but some of our correspondents shows us that this is far from an isolated practice, as this altered Jim Lee sketch that sold for $95 shows. Seriously, who would fall for this crap?


  1. Who would fall for this crap? According to the auction’s description, it’s “a must for any fan of the Dark Knight’s deadliest nemesis”. Which in this case happens to be some dude known as “prayingbob”.

  2. people have done bad and not so bad bootleg copies of amandas art and sold them on e bay…many times. beware.


  3. People list the weirdest things on ebay.

  4. I will try these and give you my results

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