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§ IGN has the new Iron Man Trailer in high def.

§ Should there be a VENTURE BROS. feature film? Hell yes!

Really, the fact that one of the show’s creators, Jackson Publick, worked on both the animated and live-action offerings of The Tick should be enough. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In case you’re ignorant to the ways of the Ventures … The show is a spoof of the retro series Jonny Quest, and parodies much more than just father and son Quest — it takes on media from Indiana Jones and Scooby Doo to that light-saber Internet kid. The show focuses on the Venture family — super-scientist Dr. Venture, sons Hank and Dean, and his bloody tough and unstoppable bodyguard and reluctant friend, Brock Samson. They are constantly having to deal with a number of dastardly assailants, the most determined being Dr. Venture’s arch-enemy — The Monarch. He’s an ineffectual villain who has the heart of Dr. Girlfriend — a paramour with the body of a goddess and the voice of a fat and hairy henchman. It’s just comic gold.

§ Freddie Highmore, of The Spiderwick Chronicles, will voice Astro Boy in the upcoming CGI feature.

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