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cog fish More old manga
Shaenon Garrity continues to reprint manga from the 40s. This stuff is pre-Tezuka, and it shows, but it has much charm. This week:

Matt Thorn translates the title as The Delightful Steel Mill, which is probably the best translation, but I kind of prefer the translation one of my Japanese coworkers at Viz offered, The Happy Cog Factory. It appears to be a loosely-connected string of adventures had by the inhabitants of a cartoonist’s studio, mainly his Snowy-like talking dog and a pair of Mutt-and-Jeff-like cartoon characters who come to life.

Much more in the link.


  1. I love those panels. That’s hilarious!

  2. beautiful

  3. This is far better than 99% of all manga ever drawn after the 1970’s!

  4. Blackeye says:

    This stuff deserves to be reprinted…it’s beautiful. I need to buy this now. Can anybody help me with that?

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