More on Wizard’s HQ sale

wizardforsale More on Wizards HQ sale
After yesterday’s real estate listing for Wizard HQ rocketed through the inboxes and AIM windows of the comics industry like a hot knife through butter, ComicMix called up to get the scoop, or at least what would pass for scoop:

When asked for comment on the posting, a representative of Wizard identified only as “Ed” said that the publisher was simply “checking our business options.”

Additionally, when asked about the company’s plans should the building find a new owner, the Wizard representative responded, “We may not go anywhere. We may sell the building and stay as a tenant. We may sell the building and move across the street.”

Whatever the case, the building seems to come with a Kiel Phegley, a sure-to-be valuable add-on in any real estate deal.

 More on Wizards HQ sale


  1. Ben Morse says:

    How much for that Phegley in the window?

  2. Ben Morse took my Kiel Phegley!

    Jim McLauchlin

  3. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Without Phegley, they’re asking $7 million.

  4. I guess when you’ve downsized a good portion of your personnel you also need to downsize the building at some point.

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