More Tintin images

4cd53becd75841 More Tintin images

French film site Films Actu has what look to be more Empire mag scans of the Steven Spielberg-directed Tintin movie. They show the Thompson/Dupin twins, villain Barnaby and the endless desert. Also, based on these stills, Tintin will spend the entire movie with his face obscured or in shadow.

4cd53bf2974e71 More Tintin images

4cd53be773e1d1 More Tintin images


  1. The more I see the less I like. Why has everything to be hyper-realistic nowadays? Tintin is great because of the stylized art.

  2. moubius44 says:

    Yep you got that right, american can do hu …..

  3. JC LEBOURDAIS says:

    Thompson=DUPONT/ DUPOND, not Dupin.

  4. Sabretruthtiger says:

    Ah the usual pseudo-critic comments with no knowledge of art or film behind them.

    What’s the point of making a film if it’s exactly like the comic? They’ve achieved a great balance between realism and Herge’s style.

    Weta have always made amazing masterpieces. Jackson and Spielberg will do right by Herge, especially as Herge himself said that only Spielberg could do his work justice in a film format.

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